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New workplaces, new food sources, new medicine--even an entirely new economic system. The following answers open the door for a deeper moment of connection and will serve you well in various situations:.

Knuckle Puck - But Why Would You Care?

This is a good answer if you want to be gracious and share something but not get into a heavy discussion. Saying that you are doing well indicates that you want to offer some insight into your life.

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We all crave connection these days and sharing something specific strengthens your ties with the other person. This answer works really well for people who know you, care about you, and want to engage with you. It opens a dialogue that can be meaningful for both of you.

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This is a great answer because it is full of the kind of sharing we need these days. Full disclosure: This actually was the response given to me when I asked my Fast Company editor how she was doing recently, via .

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She provided some specific context about what she was working on, and asked what I was up to, which gave me an opening to share. This type of exchange creates a sense of empathy by sharing some struggles, without getting too deep into the weeds. Depending on the situation, this might be a good, honest reply. If you want addition support through such conversations, check out The Mental Health Coalition and its program, Every 1 needs to talk 2 some 1.

It supports people who need this kind of conversation. They should probe and lend an empathetic ear.

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Being honest like this also helps others to share their own struggles and anxieties. This final option is an upbeat, sincere answer that focuses on the future and the return of some semblance of normality. Focusing on the future not only is an uplifting strategy, but it avoids having to articulate some of the more complex feelings we are now experiencing. If we are languishing, as Adam Grant writes in a recent articlewe may want to reach into the future and for a brief moment transcend the current reality with dreams of possibilities.

There is a place for fantasy in our lives, especially these days. Events Innovation Festival. Follow us:. By Judith Humphrey 4 minute Read. De Co. De Every garment in this new Madewell store has already been worn Co. De These Microsoft stickers make computers easier to use for people with disabilities Co.

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