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Do you remember those heady teenage nights when there was a total lack of interest in your own mortality? When there was only malt liquor and music on the radio and the smell of clove cigarettes and the feel of other bodies and the musty smell of a back seat? In her intimate new novella, WomenChloe Caldwell explores the grown-up version of this carpe diem mindset with an unnamed female protagonist whose need for emotional and physical connection eclipses her sobriety, personal safety, and mental stability.

At its core, Women is a break-up story for the over twenty-five set. A listless, self-destructive young woman moves across the country to put distance between a growing reliance on opiates that she nurtured back home along with a chemistry-free romance with a man who should have stayed a friend. But shortly after her arrival in a new city, our New York transplant replaces pain pills with a human drug in the form of a much older lesbian named Finn. Right in between a male and a female.

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The fact that the relationship is doomed is clear to everyone in the novella, including the narrator, even before she realizes that she could be sexually attracted to a woman for the age-old reason that Finn is in a long-term relationship with someone else. Anyone who has suffered through apologetic fictionalized memoirs where the narrator spends every other reminding you that she is 1 ashamed 2 confused 3 conflicted about the things that she is sharing with the reader will race through this nimble novella like gunning for the stairs.

You know, as one does.

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Once she arrives, the two do more amphetamines before sharing work in progress and eating egg salad sandwiches naked together in the bath. After this, they spoon in bed which initiates a garrulous romp of drug-induced sharing that ends in t masturbation, Sabine asking to be choked with eye contact, and the narrator getting flogged. In pursuit of mental stability, she calls a therapist and hangs up when the woman says her fee is one hundred dollars an hour.

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She develops a case of mild agoraphobia. This is challenging as I cannot cook, have not cooked anything the entire year. I decline all invitations. I sleep. She listened.

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Regardless of the fact that the book centers on a same-sex love affair, the inevitable heartbreak that the narrator experiences is universal, and the way in which she comes to these experiences is relatively mundane. While each person waits for the other to make the next I-miss-you move, the silence lengthens, and the affair comes to an end.

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Joyful, honest, and perfectly unkempt, Women is a taut yet expansive story about falling in—and then trying to crawl back out of—the damp cavern that is love. Twitter Facebook RSS.

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