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Chris Kenner: Masterclass: Live. Chris Kenner is one of magic's most respected minds. For years, he has been producing the magic and business affairs of David Copperfield. But Kenner is also a virtuoso of sleight-of-hand and a respected innovator in his own right.

He is the creative mind behind the Three Fly coin magic plot and, inreleased his first and only magic book Totally Out of Control. This marked a sea-change moment in close-up magic and arguably even spawned the start of cardistry with the introduction of the Sybil Cut. Kenner helped usher in a new, looser era of magic, with a focus on standing up while performing magic that was visually stunning.

Beyond that one book, Kenner rarely shares his magic. He never appears online or at conventions, so we're particularly excited to welcome him to our Masterclass series. He will teach his remarkable card magic, coin magic and so much more. This is truly a one-of-a-kind opportunity. There will be three live minute lectures on July 4July 11 and July The final session will conclude with a Zoom hangout where you can ask Chris anything you'd like. Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too. Ask here and other Vanishing Inc.

Magic customers will be able to respond with assistance! Alternatively, us and we can help too. David asks: Are the lectures recorded for attendees in case you can't make the live lecture? Ralph asks: What's the difference between the purchase for 60 and the subscription for 41? Bryce asks: Does subscribing also grant access to the archive of past MasterClasses, or only upcoming ones?

Michael asks: What are the terms of the subscription? Must it be maintained for 12 months and what is the maximum length of a pause? How is the subscription cancelled? Newell asks: Ok. Is this just a download OR do I get to attend the live lecture. If so. Where are the details of how to access the live feed.

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I have not done this with you guys before. Andy asks: Can we purchase separate day sessions? Scott asks: Can you tell us about your friend Bro John Hamman? How did he influence your magic? Tell me more about the magic scene in St. Louis, MO. Scott asks: I would like to subscribe, but will I be able to download the lecture, or is it just for viewing from Vanishing Inc?

If I purchase the masterclass, will I be able to download it? If I pay for 3 months' worth of subscriptions, how long will I be able to view the months that I purchased? Same question if I purchase it? Andreas asks: I would like to point out that I feel sorry for the Customer Service team, as literally every question could be answered by just reading the description of either this masterclass, any other masterclass or the masterclass overview.

Lost video feed twice; it took me a while to recover, so I missed most of the Zarrow work. I'll be watching the recording! Loved it. Spread, reverse spread, how do you get the peanut butter back in the Jar. Oh yes! Chris is sharing so much of his GOLD! The MasterClass series is great. I've been a subscriber since it started with Asi Wind a year ago.

I've said it before and it still holds true, this the best value for your "magic" dollar. Chris is keeping it true, real and detailed with great instruction! This was fantastic!!! Everything taught was great! I can't wait for next week!

Loved every minute. Loved the new zarrow Technique. Also, the nuances of the 4 for 4. I'm creating a card effect right now, were I use the 4 for Look forward to the next masterclass. Great start to this exclusive Kenner series. Thanks for sharing your insights and ingenuity. Some great Tricks and Sleights well taught.

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Chris is a natural Teacher. Looking forward for the next 2 Sundays! This has to be the most amazing master class! I love how Chris' brain works, and super delighted to have him lecture. This was exactly what I was hoping it would be. Can't wait for more.

Lots to process. So many possibilities. The control system is mind-boggling! Great stuff, and all very approachable. I love the "Too Many Cards" routine at the beginning. For session 1, tricks were great, but for me, his 4 for 4 switches and spread control was the highlight. And this spread control is very clever and versatile.

I think it will be my go-to control once I master it. Learning the proper pronunciation of Nick Diffatte was worth the price of admission. He choose several things out of his book OOC and showed how they should look while giving fantastic tips on each routine.

I particularly enjoyed his 4 for 4 switch and the incredible work that he has done on this. I can see many uses for this in walk-around work. This was incredible to see the switch, know what Chris was doing, and yet still not be able to catch the move. Next was work on false shuffles. The combination of the Zarrow and the push through adds an entirely new dimension. The points on the Zarrow combined with the push through were worth the price of admission and I will be working on this for years to get it looking right.

There are many, many fine points that will repay the watching and re-watching of the class. My favorite part was the work on the reverse spread control. This move has been around for a long time, but Mr. Kenner has breathed new life into the control, making it a full system.

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All in all, a great class with much material that will repay careful study. I am incredibly excited about the next two weeks! Chris Kenner is off to a great start with his first master class. The four for four switch and reverse spread control both appear to be versatile tools that can be applied far beyond the applications taught. I now have a week to practice this material in preparation for class two next week which I am looking forward to viewing.

Chris is a talented lecturer, teaching amazing material, Well done. It's absolutely a blast! His handling of the reverse spread is astonishing. It's the best I've seen in a long time! Great Master Class. Very good. Superb first lecture. Could listen and watch Chris K all day. Can't wait for next week! Enjoyed it. Lots of theory, but I love theory so it was a treat for me. Plenty of tricks, too! Like the thoughts about taking the tricks and making it your own Terrific insights from a true legend—honestly, the stories and theory are more valuable to me than the routines which are practical and illustrative.

Excellent ideas to think about and little moves that will be able to be adapted to many different kinds of tricks. Unbelievable, words don't do it justice. How do I watch the Chris Kenner master class. Another excellent Masterclass session. Love the Linking Rubber Bands trick! Some great advice on the Double lift. I will be making up and using the Schrodinger's CAT trick.

Looking forward to learning 3 Fly next week! Excellent class! Very good balance between effects and theory. Looking forward to the next class. Best Regards, Jesse Panganiban. You quickly see how much thought and effort go into his work, which really illuminates why his magic is so respected and repeated. Another very informative lecture from Chris Kenner. His approach to relaxation postures, body language and double lift handling is worth the entire price of all his lectures! I'vd dropped using the double lift, but after seeing his approach to it, I will now go back to doubles.

This lecture was well worth it! I am blown away after the first two weeks of the Chris Kenner Masterclass.

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The thought that goes into the presentations is equally as impressive as the effects themselves. I have been a fan of Chris Kenner for years and never thought I would get the opportunity to learn from him in such an up close and personal way. As you would think, the production values are crazy good from the varying camera angles to the lighting and sound quality.

This Masterclass is in the must see category. Fantastic material from a true legend. I'm rethinking all of my card magic after 25 years of performing.

Trip to Kenner chat

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