Texas nude swingers. Swinging.

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Forgot your password? Does anyone go to a nudist resort looking to possibly find a couple or single to swing with? We are experiencing our first nudist resort, and love it, but we are both hot with a lot of fantasies to live. We've seen a couple of couples that seem to be looking us over, that we thought were interesting, but wondered what the seasoned nudists on here have to say about it. At our local nudist resort they have a party every Saturday night One thing that we do know is that if you want to just 'hook up', a walk around the far side of the lake will get you numerous chances with other couples.

We no really haven't experienced this first hand, but it is common knowledge. While all nudists are not swingers and all swingers are not nudists, there is a subset that overlaps that you can usually find at a resort like that. The vast majority of places that advertise themselves as 'naturist' or 'nudist' frown on sex of any kind. Being forward with a person who isn't your spouse is going to get you kicked out. Unless their website speaks to the subject or you know from other people first hand that sex is on the menu, assume swingers aren't welcome and conduct yourself appropriately.

On the other hand, you have some people at your place that may or may not be flirting with you.

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Get their s, get together with them off-site and see what happens. Paradise Lakes and Caliente, 30 minutes north of Tampa are swinger friendly nudist resorts. We don't know of any others. They are probably easier on the wallet than some other options.

But always remember Be sure you know the rules beforehand. Most facilities will clearly state what is acceptable If you fail to do your homework, you may get tossed out and banned. Be sure to check that site out, as an educational expansion.

You can find Swingers at purely "Naturist" a. Going to a Lifestyle Resort makes more sense. Attended a cabin party Saturday night that was one of the hottest events we have ever attended. Any swingers that are members will seek you out if you play it cool. Definitely can't initiate if you are new on the scene. We were asked to last week after one of the older members - a smoking hot older woman - was all over my husband all day in the pool.

A couple of the guys were into me so they invited us to a "dinner party" at their trailer.

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After the last couple arrived, the games started. Ladies begin getting the guys hard and invited us and another couple to if we wanted. We started stroking our husbands and the ladies asked if they could help. Once they saw we were okay with sharing, they explained the swinger "code" and asked if we wanted to keep going. It's our favorite spot now for some great discrete action. Could have been more often, but for various reasons turned down the couples offer. We love going to a local nudist resort. Though overt sexual activity will get you kicked out, I suspect that there are lots of parties for those in the lifestyle.

Several times we have camped near the end of the lake and noticed men and women going into a camper from which we heard sounds of orgasms emitting though out the night. One of the male occupants set up a massage table and offered free massages to people passing by. My wife took him upon it. She later told me that he massaged her breasts and she loved it. I'm also curious about the of men who wear cock rings all day at the pool. I wonder if that's a al of some sort. A couple of single guys told us that after midnight the dances really heat up.

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They told us that they always hook up with single women at these dances. Paradise Valley is unique in that there is peaceful coexistence among the nudists who are there to be nude, and the swingers who are there to swing, and the nude swingers, and those who are just there because they like the people who are tolerant of everyone in their midst.

The success is largely due to the owner who is genuinely a nice guy. He is utterly intolerant of disrespect, throws people out who offend, and goes to great lengths to maintain relationships within his resort and out to the local community. It take a heckuva lotta work to do this, but he commands great affection and loyalty in return. PV is a collection of coexisting communities. Not utopia, but a lot safer and more friendly than so many parts of the vanilla world. It is just so freeing for me to be nude among all sorts of naked people from children to old people, singles to families, all enjoying the sunshine, water, saunas, pools, steam rooms, and fresh air.

I like seeing them and like them seeing me, all of us flaunting convention. This is all when I am in Europe, mostly in Germany and mostly on business when I get a break. I know many Germans whose families that have practiced FKK for generations, and they are fine. As a woman, the other women feel comfortable talking to me about it and none have ever expressed any regrets about having grown up that way.

Thank you for your courteous reply. I just wanted to defend those who engage in nonsexual, family nudity from the perspective of a married woman with children, and having discussed it with others, particularly other women. We attend a AANR affiliated resort. We have done so with couples that we were playing with. Each of us understood the rules of behavior in the public areas. Some times there were minors present sometimes not. I have walked some daughters through the social and physical awkwardness of this stage. This particular young lady was self assured and totally unimpressed being poolside with naked adult males of all ages and was able to play with the pool volley ball or carry on a reasonable conversation with equal relaxed ease.

It seems that she is being spared some of the adolescent angst. Her younger brother running sky clad down the road playing fetch with the family dog was likewise at ease. They caused me to rethink the reservations that I had about minors at the resort.

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As to playing with our friends, sometimes that took place in cabins that we rented. On other occasions we overnighted in a nearby motel. We just make sure that we honor the culture of the place. PDA's are kept to actions that would be appropriate at the local supermarket. Some conversations that I overheard and the heavy display of body jewelry le me to believe that, we were not the only LS people there. This is despite the loudly and often proclaimed "ain't no swingers here" on the part of the facility. Behaving like adults and honoring the professed rules of engagement allows each to have a good time there.

Are you endorsing going to family AANR resorts with minors present knowing that swingers are not welcome there? Unless I've read what you have posted wrong, you acknowledge that family AANR resorts openly and loudly segregate swingers at their facilities. If by "found out" you mean actively soliciting, then yes. I would expect nothing else. Otherwise it is none of their business. What I do behind doors or with whom I do it, is not an issue. I'm assuming my use of the word choice "cult like" in my first post in the thread triggered these defense postings of AANR family Nudist resorts.

For the record I'm not going to defend that position or word choice here in this thread. Again with all do respectthere's a time and place for everythingthis thread was created with a subject matter of swingers sharing public space with " nudist" and seeking out other swingers for play by newbies. It would not be my first choice of ponds to fish in. LS folks are, however, everywhere. Grocery store?

Of course. The list goes on. With good awareness and social skills, s can be seen and approaches made. It is not that different from dating. I'm not sure posting about nude minors at a pool area and going to a AANR family nudist resort with a another swinger couple with intent to play is appropriate here in this thread. I would suggest it's bad advice and could ruin a swinger newbies experience at a nudist resort. There are plenty of other nudist resorts that welcome swingers to swinger themed parties at there faculties.

You will never see that at a AANR family nudist resort. The children thing was touched on I believe. I was just sharing my reflections on it being a truly healthy environment for them. This is an environment that I would not dream of polluting by acting out of bounds. We did not go to the resort to play. We went for the pool, it was hot. We went with friends who happen to be in this lifestyle.

We stayed over in some cabins and the play happened. Judging by the noises there was a similar party in a neighboring cabin. But, out of sight out of mind. Respectfullythere are only a handful of people that actually post in these thre. But hundreds to thousands do read them for advice. It's reasonable to champion a causesomething or someone, but at the right time and place. I am not championing any cause. Merely stating that Naturists and Lifestylers are not mutually exclusive communities.

If we respect the fact that minors should not be exposed to our playtime, anymore than we would expose our own or the neighbors kids, then there is no harm, no foul. I do agree that everyone especially newbies need to be careful in how they act in a AANR facility. More circumspection and Vanilla than we would be at a party is the order of the day. Then again if I strike up a conversation with the intent on sizing up the situation, be it at work, grocery store, or church I am way more careful than I would be at a hotel takeover.

From what I have gathered talking with German colleagues, many have been nude with their classmates in high school and their children likewise. I think this makes for a more mature attitude towards nudity and how it is separate from sex.

May I make a similar observation with alcohol - most Europeans have their first sip of wine at a very young age and it's no big deal. I've seen teenagers have a beer with a meal in restaurants, again no big deal. In the US drinking is such an all-or-nothing thing that most young adults feel the need to binge drink when they can and get absolutely inebriated. If you were to so much as hug up on your ificant other in the pool you were called down.

A friend of ours even made the statement that we should leave and go to The Grove where we could at least hug and kiss our spouse without being yelled at. BTW that particular couple were not swingers The point for me is 1 it is nonsexual, 2 it's a place to be naked and enjoy the sunshine, facilities and breezes, 3 it's not the minors that I like, it's the families.

It's an environment much like going to a restaurant with kids there.

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Sure they can misbehave and be noisy, but sometimes that's more fun than Chez Philippeeven if your all adults. You can post now and register later. If you have anin now to post with your .

Texas nude swingers. Swinging.

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