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Laura and Leah discover they use the same mysterious astrology app, The Pattern. They try to figure out how it works, who owns it, and what The Pattern is really doing with their data, which takes them all the way across the country to a mailroom in Manhattan. Written and hosted by Laura Smith and Leah Worthington.

Art by Michiko Toki, and original music by Mogli Maureal.

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For one thing, it is our first ever episode of The Edge. LAURA: And also because it starts with a story that has all the ingredients of a great internet mystery. And it all started, as all important things do, with a Tweet. On July 12 of last year, actor slash hot, buff guy Channing Tatum tweeted a very intriguing video. How do you know what you know about me, Pattern? LEAH: Well, not exactly astrology …. LEAH: Sometimes disturbingly accurate. LEAH: Where we bring UC Berkeley expertise to bear on the crazy-cool, and sometimes scary, things that are at the cutting-edge of science and society.

LEAH: What they know about our personal lives and internet habits. Is that me? Astrology is so crazy! I love it so much. You actually lost! Right, Leah? LEAH: You mean we were pretty into it … before. Before we knew the truth. LEAH: Now we feel …. LEAH: I think all those mean the same thing.

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You give them your birth date, time, and location of birth. And, as we said, a lot of it feels really accurate. Very, very codependent. She is one year old. LEAH: Good to know! For all her month boyfriends. Like that other free app that blew up in Remember FaceApp?

LEAH: Yeah, that was one that took pictures of you and made you look old. But turning back to Channing Tatum, as all things do …. So toward the end of this Twitter video about The Pattern, he said this:. Are you listening through the phone, Pattern? AI, the algorithm that is The Pattern?

You know what? Pattern people, you should just call me. We started asking questions. The Pattern is free.

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But are we paying the hidden cost? LEAH: Not quite so simple it turns out. We went to the websiteand there was no information, no listing of employees, no founder, no names, just basically an address contact [at] The Pattern [dot] com, which we ed and just got kind of like an automatic reply. LEAH: Oh, god, we did that at the same time. SERGE: What they want to do is be able to, you know, make a profile of your interests so that they can bombard you withor sell the data to others who will do the same. The way that they do that is through the collection of what are known as persistent identifiers.

And basically what that means is just a string of seemingly random digits that uniquely identifies you. So think of it like a social security. LAURA: Basically, the string of random s follows you around the internet, and anytime you shop for socks or buy movie tickets or go to an anti-vaxxer blog, third parties are able to observe you—aka person —doing these things. LEAH: What was that again? SERGE: And you know, with that they can come up with, you know, pretty detailed profiles of your behaviors, which then in turn are used to predict your interests.

Another use that I learned about recently is hedge funds are buying this data. So they can see foot traffic into retail stores to predict quarterly earnings reports before those earnings reports are released. LEAH: No, and Serge says that privacy policies are often deliberately written to be confusing to the users. LEAH: In case you missed it, Serge just said that half the apps in the world are getting away with major violations. And nothing much is being done about it. Which is crazy when there are thousands of apps violating the policies. SERGE: Or, you know, or support comprehensive privacy regulation so that some of the, you know, the most egregious behaviors are illegal.

And then, you know, arm the regulatory agencies with the power to actually bring enforcement actions.

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So, have you ever heard of The Pattern? LEAH: Do you know what a mainframe is? They may! Such information, which is collected passively using various technologies may include, but is not is not limited to, information about your device. LEAH: Yeah, my colleagues and friends. This last sentence kind of freaks me out. And we have no control over that. What do you think The Pattern is doing? So it was get you to fill out free online personality tests, which is the equivalent of the astrology. Is this what everyone is doing?

LEAH: That, and we learned the extent to which the apps that we casually download to our phones are not so casually tracking every little thing we do. It was listed in their Terms of Service on their website. Do you know how I buzz up to 11? Who are you looking for?

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They listed their address as I used to when I was younger. LEAH: Can you talk us through it? Lots of rows and columns. So that you know, The Pattern can, you know, determine the astrological configuration of the cosmos when you were born. SERGE: But then, you know, there are other ones like for instance, you know, as we go further down, we have Amplitudewhich is an advertising company. They collected my phone and my name. Along with this persistent identifier, which is, you know, used for advertising and tracking.

What do they do with this information? Target you with based on your behavior. Of course. So, when the app is outright using, you know, Facebookwhen a user sees those or clicks on them, then the developer gets paid by Facebook. And how it knows so much more about you. And if you drew a web connecting all the apps and its users in the world, Facebook would be at the center of it.

LAURA: Would you know if your information was being shared with like a government, like maybe your own government? Figure out who owns The Pattern. We called the licensing company listed on their business forms in New York. We tried ing them again, and we messaged them on Instagram. And then we contacted Channing Tatum, obviously. So I messaged him, no response. But then I asked again and … she said yes! While I pursued acting, I wound up learning a lot about production and production de and becoming an editor and eventually starting my own production company.

And we were always making sort of creative projects, but we had no place to put them.

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And inwhen YouTube started, we were just really excited to discover it because this was a place to put the content that we were creating. And then inI started my own channel, which was LisaNova.

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This is going to be the best rehab trip ever. So Lisa sold Maker Studios to Disney for like million dollars. And then she just sort of vanishes. She stops making videos; her social media s go quiet. It was a single New York Times article from April of LEAH: Yeah. And it made me It made us feel kind of stupid, because then all of a sudden, there was this article that named her in connection with the app.

Talked with you in edge

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