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Search Forums. Show Thre Show Posts. Go to I thought about posting this in the daily life section because this happens so often here, its almost part of daily life for me. Sexism case 1 Stranger: Are you visiting Switzerland? Me: No, actually I've been living here for the past 2 years Stranger: Oh! Did you because of your husband's job? Me: No, I'm not married and I'm here because my company posted me to Zurich.

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Stranger: Oh really? Me: Yes, really. Sexism case 2 Me: I need to file taxes. Acquaintance: You mean help your husband file taxes? Me: I'm not married! I file my own taxes. Me: Singapore. Stranger: Wow, you work here! I've heard its very hard for Asian passport holders to come much less work in Switzerland Me: Asia is a huge continent with a lot of countries and the Singapore passport is pretty awesome actually Stranger: Yah, but you need qualifications to come Me: And?

Stranger: Asian qualifications are not recognized here Me: Oh really? It's still a relatively safe place being female and asian given what is going on in the rest of Europe I guess! This user groans at carryinajar for this post: Sublime. I think you nailed it.

I've encountered other gems as an Eastern European, people thinking I am an au-pair to my kid But then you shrug that off and get a good chuckle out of things. Once I had my kid's teacher run to me on the street saying my accent is hard to miss and she would like to say Hi! I think I prefer that to the PC nonsence, tbh. The following 7 users would like to thank MusicChick for this useful post: amoglesClumsy MamanmeloncolliemNY15ShenandoahTrekkerzanskarzmaster Always a nice moment to see the look on their faces when they realize the meeting is with me.

As a fellow Asian female immigrant, I'm sadly familiar with all of the above exchanges except for case 1 as I did start off as a trailing spouse.

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I'm not sure whether "Asian female" really has much to do with it though as my male expat friends of all colours and origins seem to get them too I still find those remarks always annoying and sometimes offensive after a few years of dealing with them, but I have also learnt to take them as a of lack of worldliness and sophistication from the person and use it as a cue to guide my future interactions with them. After all, they are basically just spitting out the first thing they can associate with you and that's never a sophisticated way of communicating with anyone!

Yes, people can be ignorant. The worst I've had so far, personally, were two doctors!

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That might not be possible with clients and coworkers though Sexism is, unfortunately, a really big thing here that people are only just starting to understand. It's probably more a mix of ignorance and curiosity.

I used to live in East Asia and despite speaking the language of the country I was in, people would often answer me in English, make comments about my accent, or ask me 'where in America [I] come from. After a while I just stopped and consoled myself by bitching about such people with other foreign friends in private. The following 2 users would like to thank chomp for this useful post: curleygreenmount.

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Find something nice and choice to say in Swiss German, preferably with Zurich dialect, practice to get it good, wait until a suitable opportunity comes along, lert rip, stand back and ask if that's better. It's great looking at their faces whilst your speaking, classic. The following 2 users would like to thank for this useful post: Dechen01eddiejc1. Do you really think that because I'm Swiss I have it that much easier?!? OK, not the racism, but the sexism definitely.

Try being a full-time worker mum and look at strangers expressing concerns at your children's well-being, which must obviously be at risk with such a selfish mother who dares putting them in daycare! Rachel Moore.


But seeing as you brought it up and whilst we're on the matter then, right so you often hear the words "nice breasts" in French directed at the women you are walking with Absolute pure pish And this "problem" you claim they have here, my guess is you must come from a village somewhere, because if you call that abuse, your head must zip from the back! You have no idea. This is what I call abuse and this is what I have experienced same as other women in such stand-up nations as the UK and the US where screams of "show us yer fanny hen! That is sexual harassment, and not something you encounter here.

This user would like to thank Rachel Moore for this useful post: st2lemans. This user groans at porsch for this post: st2lemans. The following 4 users would like to thank roegner for this useful post: Clumsy Mamangreenmountst2lemanszmaster Then when I tell them in Swiss German that I am in fact the daughter, they are surprised that I even speak Swiss German, for whatever reason The following 5 users would like to thank keksli for this useful post: BokerTovmarischiMsWorWooPatsycatzanskar.

Wehn studying in NYC, I got remarks because of wearing my hair very short. Only black people loved it and wanted to touch. People told me that I was remarkably white, coming from Swaziland, only my dark hair looked the part. I found the obsession about breasts quite funny.

When I wanted to get drinks for free, I had to don a certain T-shirt and it worked like a charm. Never had the same luck in Switzerland. And I was asked if we had proper toilets in Switzerland. My NYC one was very capricious and when you flushed, your roommates cried out for getting boiling water in the shower. I was frowned upon changing in the changing room - for ballet class - without draping a towel around me. I became a sort of wonder-woman among my classmates because I could cook "from scratch"! My friends were amazed that such a thing existed in their city! And when i went back for good, they really pitied me, going back to such an underdeveloped country somewhere in Sweden.

Where I still dwell.

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The following 17 users would like to thank marischi for this useful post: adrianlondoncurleydoropfizFrankZappagrumpygrapefruitMsWorWooOldhandPapa LemmingPatsycatroegnerscipioslammerst2lemansTomUrs Max. Says the man with a stay-at-home wife. The following 4 users would like to thank porsch for this useful post: BelgianmumJagWaughNil.

The following 3 users would like to thank roegner for this useful post: Belgianmumfatmanfilmsporsch There isn't indeed. And that wasn't my point. What I resented was the judgment on my situation - i.

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Last edited by porsch; This user would like to thank porsch for this useful post: Nil. I am not sure, but it seems to be much easier to be prostitute in Switzerland than making a career in any business sectors. The following 2 users would like to thank sniveri for this useful post: MarkLtianshi. This user would like to thank kriss kross for this useful post: MarkL Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Posting Rules You may not post new thre.

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Find All Groaned At Posts. Last ยป. Thread Tools. Display Modes. Female and Asian here in Switzerland I thought about posting this in the daily life section because this happens so often here, its almost part of daily life for me. The following 28 users would like to thank carryinajar for this useful post:. This user groans at carryinajar for this post:. MusicChick Forum Legend. Re: Female and Asian here in Switzerland I think you nailed it. The following 7 users would like to thank MusicChick for this useful post:.

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