Strictly sex now

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Calls for the BBC programme to include same-sex dance partnerships were first answered inwhen boxer Nicola Adams teamed up with Katya Jonesso this feels like a natural, and welcome, progression. Two men dancing together is a clearer statement of intent.

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It is a choice, and a deliberate break from tradition — particularly in ballroom. Yet there is a history here, too.

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Take the Argentine tango rightwhich we associate with strongly fixed gender roles: the powerful, brooding man, the seductive woman. However, when tango emerged in Buenos Aires in the 19th century, there were far more young men around — immigrants sent by their European families to earn a living.

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So men would practise the tango with other men in preparation for social dances. Fathers would teach their sons; it was a point of pride to be a great tango dancer. Now, there is an openly queer tango scene, with numerous classes and festivals. That has developed alongside a flourishing international same-sex ballroom scene, which has been strong in the UK for the past three decades. Strictly is late to this particular party. Of course, there was some initial opposition.

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I have spoken to same-sex dancers who recall being asked to leave classes or social events following complaints, or being subject to rude or threatening comments. So a separate same-sex dance culture was created. Yet there is now a desire by many if not all to integrate into the mainstream dance scene — and to gain wider social acceptance, visibility is key.

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Some viewers will think it merely a reflection of our 21st-century reality — yet it could prove revolutionary for competitive ballroom, which is slow and reluctant to embrace change. If Strictly endorses same-sex dance, it will go a long way towards changing attitudes, especially if it keeps ballroom relevant for the next generation. Strictly Come Dancing starts on Saturday at 7. The i on TV newsletter is a daily full of suggestions of what to watch as well as the latest TV news, opinions and interviews.

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Strictly sex now

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Strictly Come Dancing is late to the party with same-sex couples: men have been dance partners for centuries