Something casual in Nafplion

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Traditional but new, urban yet rural, mass as well as off the beaten path, Nafplio is the perfect destination for an all-year-round retreat — back to the first ever capital of Greece! Taking note of the recent roadtrip emergence once again, we planned a roadtrip in the first few days of June in order to go back to where it all started. A legendary seaport where Greeks prevailed after various different empires under the French, the Venetians and, finally, the Ottomans.

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Set on the hillside foot of the northend Argolic Gulf, Nafplio is a picturesque small town with the aura of a bigger one. Walking through the cobbled streets of the old town a sense of royalty emanates from the old buildings and the various monuments. Apart from Syntagma square where most of the locals and travelers gather, you can get lost in the small streets and back alleys stumbling upon old retail shops and the museum of Komboloi featuring be from all over the world.

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Nafplio is always a joy to visit and what better place to appreciate its traditional form than the original taverna of Noulis. It offers an authentic Greek cuisine, with a range of dishes always prepared with fresh local ingredients, all made by the experienced chef Andrianos Andrianopoulos. Noulis was indeed on the recommendation list by our hotel owner and along we followed his lead without thinking about tit too much. A classic taverna setting with some neatly arranged tables outside in the small dark alley, along with mostly foreigners enjoying a good and tasty dinner.

The menu is quite simple with an emphasis on local ingredients and some cooked dishes. Nonetheless, given the high evening temperature we opted for something light. On main, we delved into a traditional specialty of the Peloponnese region, chicken with hylopittes egg pasta originating from Crete that were freshly made a la minute. Piping hot, tender yet a bit chewy, the hylopittes were remarkable!

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The man, calm in nature, was happy to take feedback, listen for anything he could learn and at the same time give us his view of how they try to sustain such great quality of food at Noulis. All in all, a perfect night with some great Greek hospitality! Related Articles for Nafplio. Iliokastro: uniting French allure with Greek roughness at the sophisticated Maryvonne. Subscribe for our monthly digest and get our latest blog stories. Something casual in Nafplion, Filipine girl Something casual in Nafplion for guy for dances.

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Information Age: Recent members. Kristan Disclaimer: This post contains an affiliate link. Verile We loved this place so much one warm evening for dinner that we took friends the next afternoon for lunch.

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Nixie My 18 year old daughter and I will be stopping her the first week of July. Adore Greece Travel Guide.

Something casual in Nafplion

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Something casual in Nafplion, Filipine girl Something casual in Nafplion for guy for dances