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A thief who steals corporate secrets through the use of dream-sharing technology is given the inverse task of planting an idea into the mind of a C. R min Comedy, Drama. A faded movie star and a neglected young woman form an unlikely bond after crossing paths in Tokyo. Not Rated min Action, Adventure, Drama. A poor village under attack by bandits recruits seven unemployed samurai to help them defend themselves. R min Action, Drama, War.

In Medieval Japan, an elderly warlord retires, handing over his empire to his three sons. However, he vastly underestimates how the new-found power will corrupt them and cause them to turn on each other Votes: 13, Not Rated min Drama. An old couple visit their children and grandchildren in the city, but receive little attention.

Votes: 57, In an emotionless utopia, two people fall in love when they regain their feelings from a mysterious disease, causing tensions between them and their society. G min Adventure, Comedy, Family. A Victorian Englishman bets that with the new steamships and railways he can circumnavigate the globe in eighty days. Not Rated min Adventure, Drama. Lured by gold, two greedy peasants unknowingly escort a princess and her general across enemy lines.

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Votes: 37, Not Rated min Drama, History. A war-hardened general, egged on by his ambitious wife, works to fulfill a prophecy that he would become lord of Spider's Web Castle. Votes: 49, PG min Drama, Fantasy, Mystery. A suicidal American befriends a Japanese man lost in a forest near Mt. Fuji and the two search for a way out. PG min Drama, History, War. A petty thief with an utter resemblance to a samurai warlord is hired as the lord's double. When the warlord later dies the thief is forced to take up arms in his place. Votes: 34, PG min Drama, Mystery. An aged, retired Sherlock Holmes deals with dementia, as he tries to remember his final case, and a mysterious woman, whose memory haunts him.

He also befriends a fan, the young son of his housekeeper, who wants him to work again. PG min Drama, Fantasy. A collection of tales based upon eight of director Akira Kurosawa's recurring dreams. The humanity is suffering from murders all over the globe, called "Mincemeat murders". High school student, Izumi Shinichi has a parasite living off him, having replaced his right hand, and he might be the discoverer of truth. Votes: 4, PG min Drama, Family. A story that revolves around three sisters who live in their grandmother's home and the arrival of their thirteen-year-old half sister.

In Tokyo, a young sex worker develops an unexpected connection with a widower over a period of two days. PG min Drama, Comedy. A young, naive boy sets out alone on the road to find his wayward mother. Soon he finds an unlikely protector in a crotchety man and the two have a series of unexpected adventures along the way.

Mothra's egg washes ashore and is claimed by greedy entrepreneurs who refuse to return it to her fairies. As Godzilla arises near Nagoya, the people of Infant Island must decide if they are willing to answer Japan's own pleas for help. Votes: 8, Not Rated min Crime, Drama. Votes: 6, Not Rated min Drama, Horror.

She becomes involved with Kumiko's "family circle", See full summary ».

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PG 98 min Drama. Humanity is under attack by human-mimicking flesh-eating alien parasites.

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One parasite bonds with his young high school student host, and he convinces the parasite to help him stop the others. Votes: 2, Not Rated min Drama, Music, War. In the War's closing days, when a conscience-driven Japanese soldier fails to get his countrymen to surrender to overwhelming force, he adopts the lifestyle of a Buddhist monk. Votes: 5, A young woman and her brother explore the history of their grandfather, who died in the WW2.

They start contacting the men who flew with him, asking them about who he was. Not Rated min Drama, War. In the closing days of WWII remnants of the Japanese army in Leyte are abandoned by their command and face certain starvation. A tragic social drama set in post war Japan and concerns a lonely woman trying to find purpose and stability in a devastated Tokyo. R min Horror. Seven strangers on a Hollywood movie studio tour are trapped inside an infamous House of Horror and forced to tell their most terrifying stories to get out alive.

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Directors: Sean S. Votes: 1, The touching reminiscing of an elderly railroad-station manager is interrupted by the sudden appearance of some good-natured girls. The first part of the "Chihayafuru" trilogy. Chihaya is a high school student who loves Karuta, a traditional card game from Japan.

Chihaya and her friends start a Karuta club at high school to become the greatest Karuta player in Japan. Unrated min Drama, Romance. After Rudi's wife Trudi suddenly dies, he travels to Japan to fulfill her dream of being a Butoh dancer. While vacationing with his wife, a writer Hidetoshi Nishijima begins following another man Takeshi Kitano and woman Shiori Kutsuna who are guests at the resort hotel where he stays. Votes: A pharmaceutical CEO is pondering thefts and irregularities at his company.

He drinks a drug that temporary suppresses his s and gives him a deathlike state for a couple of days. An adaptation of Higashino Keigo's sixth novel in the popular Galileo series. Professor Yukawa Manabu must solve the mysteries of seemingly accidental death of another guest at the countryside motel he was spending his vacation in. A raucous teen boy with a feminine face is teased everywhere, so his odd biker father dresses him as a girl and sends him to an all-girl school. The lad introduces himself as Sukeban, and a Unrated 94 min Horror, Sci-Fi.

A NASA scientist is ordered to take a vacation due to showing s of stress while working on his latest missile project. Not Rated 94 min Horror. A modern ghost story which turns a love hate relationship between mother and daughter into a tale of horror. Adventure, Comedy, Drama.

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The story of a family in Tokyo who live under the same roof in a large house and include the widowed sixty-year-old mother, older son and his wife, the youngest daughter and the older Through a gray blanket of cloud the contours of a mountain can be barely discerned. This is Mount Fuji, a volcano with many faces and of immeasurable cultural and symbolic ificance. Not Rated min Action, Drama. Yakuza boss Shozo Hirono must choose his alliances carefully as the local gangster family affiliations prove themselves to be wildly unstable, causing gang conflicts to slowly escalate.

R 87 min Action, Crime, Drama. An undercover cop befriends a yakuza underling who through his contacts helps him infiltrate two rival Yakuza gangs. He pits the two rival gangs against each other in hopes that they will cross each other out. Drama, Music, Mystery. Haruta and Chika were childhood friends until the former's family moved away.

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It is a new year at high school, freshmen are enrolling and the two meet again. Chika wants to be a member of Three girls who were involved with each other at some point in time ended up committing exchange murders. After her sudden death a teenage girl finds her father has ed her mind to computer form. With a rival corporation wishing to capture her the girl is ed to her boyfriend's laptop. Single father Kenichi has raised his daughter Miki alone for the past ten years, from when she attended nursery school until her graduation from elementary school. Kenichi is currently An island in Japan is the site for the dumped and the refuse.

Nanakusa and Yu who were childhood and school friends meet on this island that is called Kaiden, a scary name that only refers After graduating from high school, Shiro is clueless how to proceed with his education. For the moment, he takes a small job at a local gas station, to much displease of his parents. In. Next ». Lost in Translation R min Comedy, Drama 7. Ran R min Action, Drama, War 8. Tokyo Story Not Rated min Drama 8. Holmes PG min Drama, Mystery 6. Dreams PG min Drama, Fantasy 7. Parasyte: Part 1 min Action, Drama, Horror 6.

Kikujiro PG min Drama, Comedy 7. Mothra vs. Rhapsody in August PG 98 min Drama 7. Parasyte: Part 2 min Action, Drama, Horror 6.

Shizuoka girls wants for sex

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