Seeking wild time

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For years I have wondered what it feels like to be deep in the wilderness. Then, on a trip to the Taku River watershed of Alaska, I found out. Wilderness is a ferocious intoxication that sweeps over your senses. It is an untouched place that leaves you elated, awed, and changed.

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It is an aphrodisiac, a place of furious, ripe fullness. To me, this experience offers a model of how we might think in new ways about time.

The Tomb by H.P. Lovecraft (Audiobook)

Just as vast wilderness once surrounded us, so, too, time was wild: everlasting, undefined, unenclosed, unnamed, a mystery. Now, wild land and wild time exist only in patches around the world. The desire to seize time and colonize it runs rampant among those in power in the West, who have long defined their time as the time.

Wild time, by contrast, was free—the open-handed hour, the open-hearted day, until Benjamin Franklin and all his efficiency-seeking successors preached to us that free time was wasted much as wild land was, equally falsely, called waste land.

What hope is there now for wild time? Every child is born chock-full of it, for starters. We brick ourselves into a house of time which we then find claustrophobic. But wild time is still around and, if we wanted to, we could huff and puff and blow our house down. So what is wild time? For answers, look at those things most resistant to the mechanisms of clock time. There is also a transcendent quality to wild time, of escaping the ordinary, as many religions know. Wild time thrives in the spirit of play and in nature. All the arts serious play have an affinity with the experience of living beyond the clock.

In a beautiful paradox, Eros, god of Love, was understood by the Greeks to be at once the oldest and the youngest of the gods, born with an anything but innocent wink. Love detests the clock. Lovers have no sense of time and, equally, nothing kills passion faster than noticing time. It is the clock striking midnight that abruptly stops the burgeoning love affair between Cinderella and Prince Charming. The music of tribal peoples is almost always deed to take people out of ordinary time, into an extraordinary trance time, for hours or even days.

Wild time has also found its way into the Western classical tradition.

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Around the turn of the 20th century, just when time had been widely standardized and wild lands were being ransacked by industrial civilization, the most brilliant musicians in Europe exploded with a rendition of wildness. The passage then evokes the great god Pan, the pagan patron saint of Wild Time, who himself played the pipes. According to tradition, he, like the Pied Piper, lures you out of town into a green wilderness to dance on the wild side of time. Wild time transcends ordinary limits of hours, days, weeks. In many languages of India, the day-before-yesterday and the-day-after-tomorrow are expressed by the same words—more testimony to the centrality of the present.

Now is what matters. Now transcends into wild time. Ancient religions honor this and have long sought a sacred eternity where the secular clock is stopped. Shamans in many tribal cultures seek ecstasy by entering a primordial Great Time. Though it is at this moment, there is no limit to this moment, and herein is eternal delight.

Wild time is playful.

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In the mythology of India, a sense of play—serious play—is the deepest energy in creation. Play is harvestabundance, generosity, pleasure, excess and gusto. Western society fears play, frightened of its subversive, anarchic nature. Grown-ups resent the Peter Pan in every.

In the U. Traditionally, many indigenous peoples do not work for more than four hours a day. To really play is to let go of the hand of the clock, to dive deep into the fathoms of wild time. It is a chancy, risky, fluxy world where immersion in the moment reigns.

Wild time is far richer, though far flukier, than clock-time. It is not necessarily easy to be in, for its waters are uncontrolled, uncommanded, and uncharted. Without a clock you are on your own, and it is a challenging but richly rewarding experience.

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Seeking wild time

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