Scottish sex slave

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And as the of victims increases each year, one charity working with trafficked people has predicted the total it will help this year will be double that of Cases include sexual exploitation and domestic slavery linked to major cities. But victims are also forced to work in sectors from the beauty industry and car washes in town centres to agriculture and fisheries in our remotest communities. We need to raise awareness and have people spot the s and have police follow through on information.

Quite often you find Eastern European gangs work in tandem with Asian crime gangs in Scotland.

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Eastern European gangs provide the people and Asian gangs provide transport and the accommodation in which people are placed. This is a real concern. We need to see longer sentences and the legislation applied more appropriately.

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People say we have some of the best legislation in the world in Scotland. Intelligence revealed by anti-trafficking workers in pinpointed victims in at least 27 locations from Aberdeen and Annan to Dundee, Kirkcaldy and the Orkney Islands. Research from Romania found a chilling progression, with young women being exploited for prostitution, then later for domestic labour, and eventually in old age for begging. One of the biggest groups we come across are those working in car washes. Basic maths indicates this does not meet minimum wage requirements. These can be linked to sham marriages and attempts to manipulate immigration.

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This is across all nationalities and all types of exploitation so we know that there is a massive increase. It is a crime perpetrated by brutal and ruthless criminals who seek to make money from the exploitation and misery of others. Those who buy sex must also share responsibility as they fuel the demand that the traffickers feed off. It is a crime of extreme abuse and the people responsible must be brought to justice. Information can be passed to the Modern Slavery helpline on or Crimestoppers on Anti-trafficking workers report concerns over nail bars, takeaways and car washes using people brought in from Eastern Europe in past couple of years.

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Abul Kamal Azad found himself forced to work in a remote Highland hotel after borrowing money to come to Britain. Azad, now 33, who has a wife and son back in Dhaka, found himself the only employee at the Stewart Hotel, in Appin, near Fort William, below, cleaning, cooking, and gardening for up to 22 hours a day, seven days a week. I woke every morning at 5am.

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Two coaches of tourists would arrive day after day. Eventually Azad and three new Bangladeshi workers alerted the authorities, and the hotel was raided by the UK Border Agency. InArefin was found guilty of human trafficking and jailed for three years. Yen Huang, 62, a brothel madam linked to a shadowy Chinese people smuggling ring, who trafficked women into Scotland for sex, was last year jailed for 27 months.

Ten Romanian women rescued in from addresses in the two cities where they were working as prostitutes. Trafficked Vietnamese people forced during to work in a cannabis cultivation operation around two years ago. Get a weekly round-up of stories from The Sunday Post:.

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Scottish sex slave

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