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All Girls Want Bad Boys?

How to Stop Being a “Nice Guy”

Nice Guys Finish Last? Blondes prefer gentlemen. As do brunettesredheBald Womenlittle old ladies with white hair, and young girls with Amazing Technicolor Hair. The heroine, like the hero, tends to be much more mature and likable than in All Girls Want Bad Boys ; frequently, they've been burned by a loverand generally, they've matured.

But it is not necessary. Any heroine who finds the hero attractive exactly for his more admirable qualities falls under Single Woman Seeks Good Man. This can range from liking his sense of humor, to appreciating his poetry skills, all the way to his Heroic Sacrifice.

Rescue Romance is often a form of this. However, it creates a problem insofar as the heroine has to neither fight her common sense nor reform the hero for a Happy Ending. As a consequence, the writer needs some other method of generating conflict.

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See the Analysis for details. Frequently the victorious childhood friend or a Second Love. Compare to Understanding Boyfriend. Though seemingly rare, some people out there will be glad to know that, yes, this can be Truth in Television. Nor is this always heterosexual for that matter. Of course, Tropes Are Tools. It has been overused and exaggerated in the Harem Genrewhere the protagonist somehow attracts girls he has little to no interaction with merely because of simple decency, implying that people can win affection and do anything they want to a bunch of girls just by behaving like a normal nice person.

Some are unmarked, too, so don't say we didn't warn you. Compare Samaritan Relationship Starter. Community Showcase More. Spud learns that Stacey wasn't brainwashed. Follow TV Tropes. You need to to do this.

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Get Known if you don't have an. The reason why Helga fell in love with Arnold. Eddie Valiant : Seriously, what do you see in that guy? Jessica Rabbit : He makes me laugh. Fairy Tales. In Bearskinthe youngest daughter agrees to marry the frightful-looking hero because only a good man would have paid off a total stranger's debts. Beauty and the Beast has this trope written all over it. The heroine is terrified at first by the Beast's monstrous appearance, but he is kind and caring from the start. This causes her to eventually fall in love with him, as she realizes that True Beauty Is on the Inside.

In The Golden Birdthe prince who brings back the golden bird for his father also brings back a princess; when his brothers try to kill him and threaten her, she does not stop grieving until the prince returns alive. In some versions, the other brothers try to force the princess to marry one of them. She keeps them away by clawing at the eyes of whoever comes near her but quickly recognizes the youngest brother when no one else does and welcomes him back.

In The Golden Mermaidthe mermaid refuses to leave the body of the murdered youngest son, who actually carried out The Questeven when his older brothers threaten her. Films — Animation. The Book of Life : Maria wants to be listened to and loved for more than just her looks, as she demonstrates when she gets annoyed with Joaquin for not understanding this. It's only when Joaquin shows his true self that she agrees to seriously think about his proposal. Ultimately, Maria falls in love with Manolo, the humblesweet musician who promises to never stop loving her. In fact, the first indications she gets her Love Epiphany is when he publicly refuses to kill the bull.

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Heavily implied with La Muerte. In the opening, she sadly tells Xibalba he's not the man she fell in love with years ago. Plus, she only gets back with Xibalba when he admits his mistake in his past actions and apologizes. Disney : This is a staple of Disney Princess movies. The princes might be rather bland especially the early onesbut one cannot deny that they are good people who love the heroines. Even in the case of BeastNaveenand Flynn Riderwho all start off as jerks, the respective princesses don't fall for them until they undergo Character Development and become better people.

Princess Jasmine in Aladdin isn't interested in the rich, pompous suitors who just want to marry her to become sultan. Instead, she falls in love with the poor but kindhearted Aladdin after he rescues her from an angry vendor. They bond over feeling trapped by their circumstances and Aladdin is the first to ever treat her like a person rather than an object to use for politics. When Aladdin puts on a rich prince act to try and impress her, she rejects him but when he starts to be himself, she realizes he's the boy she fell in love with in the marketplace.

Even when it's discovered he's not a prince, she confesses her love for him. Megara in Hercules falls for the title character for his kindness and sincerity after having dated a whole string of jerks. Beret Girl in An Extremely Goofy Movie greatly prefers the meek Gentle GiantPJ, to his forward and slightly obnoxious friend, Bobbywith any potential disadvantages to his physical appearance being glossed over despite his beliefs they wouldn't be. Their relationship ends up being based mostly on conversations with some cuddling.

From DinosaurNeera likes Aladar because of his compassionate ways to the weaker herd members. It takes a bit for Calhoun to warm up to himbut they end up Happily Married. Frozen : Anna falls for Prince Hans because she believes him to be a Nice Guy who doesn't want to shut her out. Later, realizing he isn't as good a person as she thought, she finds love with Kristoff, who turns out to be a more caring person than she realized. Strange Magic : Marianne dumped Roland when she caught him cheating on her Marianne starts falling for the Bog King after he shows his more sweeter side.

In the ending of 2Buzz awkwardly tries to compliment Jessie at the end of the second film, so she aggressively glomps him and declares "You are the sweetest space toy I've ever met! Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation : Ericka Van Helsing was raised by her great-grandfather to kill Dracula, believing all monsters were evil and need to be destroyed.

After her failed attempts to kill Dracula, she unwitting starts to warm up to him seeing him play with his family. During their date, where she tried to poison him with garlic, he opens up about losing his wife and raising his daughter on his own since she was a baby, causing her to begin realizing he's not the evil she was raised to think he was. By the end of the film, she reciprocates his feelings for her. Hiccup is an All-Loving Heroand Astrid explicitly stated in "Thawfest Games" that one of the things she admired most about him was modesty in defeat.

When he asks her why, assuming that it's a gesture of pity for him being a "wishy-washy failure", she tells him that it's because he's kind, funny, brave, and honest, based on all the good deeds he'd done throughout the school year. She ends up reinforcing Linus' explanation from minutes before: Charlie Brown is a good person and people genuinely like him. Marina from The Pebble and the Penguin has two suitors, the dorky but sweet-hearted Hubie and the muscular but arrogant Drake.

She falls for Hubie instead. Fiona from Shrekthough she was at first dismissive of Shrek for being an ogre and not the handsome prince charming she expected, she later warms up to him after eavesdropping on his conversation with Donkey and hearing him legitimately hurt about how the world treats him just because he is an ogre. They later fall in love. Daya's "Hide Away" has the song pondering where the good boys are.

Right and wants all the good men who are out there to let all the single women know where they are. Unusually for this type of song though, she's quite optimistic about finding one. The premise of the Joan Baez song "If I Knew" which is a hippy love anthem from a girl to boy who will not hunt innocent wild animals or destroy rare flowers; not for money and not for love. And she loves him even if he is ' called a craven. Kelly Clarkson's "Piece by Piece" has a girl falling for a guy who restored her faith in men again after her father abandoned her.

In the Nart Sagasthe daughters of the water goddess don the skins of doves and fly to the Narts' homeland in search of good husbands. Rosalind from As You Like It has an adorable romance with Orlando, a sweet poet who's been horribly mistreated by his older brother. She takes a liking to him, and teaches him to stand up for himself and about how love works in the real world, and falls in love with him in the process. They are happily married in the end.

Kate Monster from Avenue Q goes for nice, college-educated Princeton. In A Gentleman's Guide to Love and MurderPhoebe D'Ysquith falls for her distant cousin Monty for the kindness he has shown her compared to the rest of the family, especially after her brother's sudden death. Actually a subversion as Monty is responsible for the death of her brother and many other D'Ysquiths in his quest to obtain the earldom.

However, the ending leaves it up for interpretation on how much Phoebe has figured out about Monty's scheme. She ends up falling for gambler Sky Masterson, though he gets Character Development and quits gambling for an honest Happily Married life with Sarah. For I've imagined every bit of him To the strong moral fiber to the wisdom in his head To the home-y aroma of his pipe. All I want is a plain man All I want is a modest man A quiet man, a gentle man A straightforward and honest man To sit with me in a cottage somewhere in the state of Iowa.

Web Animation. Jaune's a dork, weak, and went to the Johnny Bravo school of flirting, but he's a genuinely sweet, friendly guy when he's not trying too hard to hit on girls with serious leadership potential. Also, it turns out Pyrrha suffers from a serious case of Attractiveness Isolation. One of the reasons she likes Jaune so much is because he is the only person who just treats her as a regular person to be befriended, rather than a hero or a role-model to be idolized.

Turns out Pyrrha's not the only one. In volume 7, Jaune is embarrassed when his first official mission as a Huntsman is escorting some kids to preschool. A bunch of teenage girls swoon over him, and one of the moms flirts with him shamelessly. In the " Love Daddy " short, Yang and Ruby edit their father's social dating profile to help him find a date.

Ruby edits his profile to make him seem dependable and responsible with a wholesome sense of humor. This is in direct opposition to Yang's edits. Web Comics. Shala Val'Sharen of Drowtales has an obvious crush on Sarnel Tions Sarghress, who in the morally grey society that the story is set, is one of the few people able to be called "good".

In The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob! We eventually learn that her boyfriend was a handsome bad boy she eventually dumped for being a Jerkass. MegaTokyo has a lot of this going around. Kimiko first met Piro when the former had lost her rail card, and Piro gave her his new card on impulse. She sought him out for dinner the same night, and their relationship took off from there. Likewise, Miho fell for Piro because he never put her on a pedestal due to her Ill Girl status, and genuinely cared for her rather than just loving her shadow like most of the men in her life.

When she broke up with him so he wouldn't have to see her dieneither party handled it well. It took a whilebut Erika finally found a happy relationship with Largo via this trope- despite her frequently insisting that she doesn't need help with her problemsLargo refused to stop trying to help her out- and when she stopped resisting, they finally got together. The Order of the Stick plays this straight and does otherwise: Haley Starshine's love for Elan fits the trope, very much so. She describes him as "the best man [she's] ever met"and him being so good makes her want to be a better person.

It's then inverted herewith All Girls Want Bad Boys turned up to 11 : Sabine : Sure, women like me swoon for a hero, but that's only because deep down, we think we can change them. But me, I'm done with that now. I want a nice, safe, reliable mass-murderer that I can depend on. Larisa : Just be nice to me. That's enough. Bunni: Time apart will be good for us, Besides, this way I won't be tempting you with my ample bosom, and you won't be tempting me with your wry wit. Theo: My wit? You sleep with me for the great jokes?

Bunni: I didn't marry your haircut or your sunglasses, Sweetie.

Nice guy looking for a normal girl

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