Nice asian guy looking

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Steve Harvey has a unique knack for embarrassing gaffes. In this past, these flubs have mostly generated there-he-goes-again laughter.

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And the reaction rapidly expanded beyond the internet. Some of the names and faces have changed, but the commonalities are clear: Almost all of these men are tall, shirtless, and have the muscles of a Greek god training for the Iron Man triathlon. In fact, these hyper-hot galleries underscore the fact that these guys are exceptions to the rule ; that by reaching an optimal standard of Western masculine beauty, these Asian men have managed to overcome their racialized lack of appeal.

But the trap that Asian men have fallen into is pernicious, because the rush to showcase these paragons is often led and cheered on by Asians ourselves. Instead of rejecting objectification and fetishization—realities that Asian women face every day—Asian men are aspiring to such circumstances.

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Not anymore, anyway. But this acceptance came only after a chubby childhood, an ungainly adolescence, a self-conscious teenhood, and a reflective young adulthood.

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Instead of subverting or complicating stereotypes of emasculated Asian man, such pictures inadvertently validate toxic masculinity, emphasize implausible body standards, and eclipse the actual people behind the abs. Intellect, wit, charm, sweetness, political savvy, and kindness may not show up as clearly in photographs, but these qualities last longer and wear better. So next time Steve Harvey takes aim at Asian sexiness—or lack thereof—maybe we should reconsider flooding Twitter with pictures of Asian men with six-packs. Yes, there are Asian men who are able to mold their bodies into the Western ideal—and yes, they look great.

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Nice asian guy looking

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