New years date fun

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But why is that? This is why, with a few New Year's date ideasyou can turn Jan. So what makes for great NYD date?

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Anyway, moving on. So whichever seems more like your speed, here are 10 date ideas to kick off your new year. Working on your fitness is probably the most common New Year's resolution, but this year, make it fun by trying new and challenging exercise classes. If you've been eyeing that aerial yoga class or parkour for beginners, now is the time to grab your date and finally take the plunge. While most folks are still in bed, sleeping off last night's boozy adventure, get out in the world and take advantage of having it to yourself with a romantic stroll in the park or through the streets of downtown.

If your resolution this year is to finally de-stress a bit, set the tone with a date that is relaxing AF. By that, I mean hit the spa together for couples massages, lounging in the sauna, and just generally taking it easy.

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New Year's Day is a great day to try something new, starting with you palette. Ask the waiter for suggestions on something a little more daring.

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Might as well start the year off right! Have you decided that this is the year that you the political fray? Well, grab your date and get involved. Make your voice count, because those mid-term elections really do matter, and they are right around the corner.

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Whatever your dream is, here's your excuse to just grab bae and go do it. One of the best resolutions you can make is to help other people — of both the human and furry variety. So if you want a date that will really set the tone for an amazing year, plan to give back together.

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Every year, I promise myself I will cook more and eat out less — to varying degrees of success. Set the tone right by making date night start at the grocery store and end with a delicious, healthy dinner you've made together. I'll let you figure out what dessert is for yourself. You know, maybe your resolution is to just snuggle up with your SO more. Welcome tomy friends. By Rachel Shatto.

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New years date fun

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10 New Year's Day Date Ideas To Help You Start Off With A Bang