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One of the most common reasons people reach out to me for my Coaching and Advising services is ability.

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My response varies, but the bottom line is this, I can help you improve ability, but the actual ability to holding yourself able is internal. In other words, ultimately, you must hold yourself able. If over the long term, you need someone to do that for you, then there are other issues at play, and the lack of ability is but a symptom. So how can someone build the skills for holding themselves able? Read on my friends, the answer is simple:.

ability is nothing more than holding yourself responsible for your actions. When you do that there are no excuses.

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At the same time, you are the one who commits yourself to accomplish certain things and then actually does that. Again, no excuses.

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So how does one become able and then show ability? You keep asking why until you get the root cause answer. When you write things down, to some, this is a form of journaling, you can begin to identify patterns. Patterns help you find why.

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Couple that answer with five whys, and you not only know what caused you not to accomplish something, you also know what behavior to change. Building ability is as much about skills as it is attitude, desire, and work. That is why there are people like me who Coach people for a living. At the end of the day, do the following: Write down everything you did that day. Why did that happen?

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And ask Why again and again until you are at the real reason why. Look at the activities you have for the other times of the day. Were they adding value?

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If yes, still ask why as this is important to understand. If no, once again, the five why drill. What more could you have done to accomplish what you wanted to or said you would? What must you change? What did you do that allowed you to accomplish the things you did? What help do you need to become more able?

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