My wife needs friends

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As happens, friends grow apart, get married, have kids, etc. My wife was the first to bail from the group. She wanted a nice romantic meal for two. I asked if she wanted a party — I wanted to open the door to the conversation about her friends, and she said no. When I met my wife, she was incredibly social, very outgoing and loved to be around people.

That was true until our wedding day when a light switched. I can do as I please. I looked on her phone — she texts me and her mom and my mom. It seems a bit odd given that she was such a social person and then a light switched.

Not sure if I should worry or not. Does she have a job that requires her to interact with people all day? I do and I love it, but it leaves me with very limited energy for friends.

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I do still text and occasionally see my few friends but generally prefer to spend what energy I have left on my family. Pretty much this. I'm an introvert in a job that requires high amounts of social interaction and I love it. However, when I get home, I prefer to spend the rest of my social "fuel" on family. This is such a good point. I work with people and talk all. It's nice to go home and veg and not have to be overly social.

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I have good friends that live out of state so I don't see a need to go out for the sake of going out unless we are all together. My husband goes to the bar without me and it's not a problem. I tried our local newcomers club but the girls just wanted to bitch about their husbands and kids, I'd much rather hang with Netflix! I am very similar to your wife. It's been 2 years and I'm only just starting to come around to being social and making new friends. It wasn't about losing my individuality as others have suggested, in fact I grew more and learned more about myself than ever before. It was about going through a transition and wanting to be more intentional about how I spent my time and who with.

I also needed time with myself to figure out who I was and what I wanted. I don't think you should push her on this. She isn't forcing her isolation on you, and this hasn't caused any unhealthy actions in the relationship. She also doesn't sound depressed.

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If any of this starts to happen, then definitely sit down and talk to her. But otherwise, let her grow and come to terms with who and what makes her happy on her own. If she's happy being a homebody in her nest that she's made with you, what's the harm? She had a single woman on the go lifestyle and now she's changed as a newly married woman. Heck, maybe she was a secret introvert all along haha.

I wouldn't worry unless she starts acting overly needy, or tries to control your own social life, or that sort of thing. Honestly, she doesn't. She's happy when I go out and happy when I return. I went out Friday and she had made me a "Welcome home drunky" meal. I mean, it could just be that she's really happy being a homebody introvert and she's happy with her limited social interaction. Around my mid 20s I realized my group of friends was incredibly toxic.

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From the outside we seemed like a normal, perhaps even boring, group of friends. Not much drinking, weekends watching Disney movies, ec. Inside it was this seething mass of dysfunction and bitchines.

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I met my husband and we went through a whole lotta websites and books on healthy communication as part of our premarital. It really made me look at my friend group and realize how bad it was. There was some extra drama and I cut them all out. I'm also a homebody.

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It just makes me happy to putter around the house and read. If I was going to put energy into friends, it wasn't going to be on them.

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If she encourages you to go out and have fun on your own you can assume she does not depend on you being there for her happiness. Meaning she is doing what makes her happy, learn to accept this otherwise you may start to resent her lack of a social life And you don't want to go down that road. If she is happy and not codependent leave it alone, and keep having fun, and be quite greatful for getting a hot meal when you arrive home after a few drinks with the guys!

This sounds like my dream life haha.

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I'm single so I'm extremely social and stay very busy with friends and dates and such. I'm happy and I enjoy my life, but I could be sooo happy living a life like your wife. I don't think it's necessarily that weird or bad unless the changes are because she is depressed or something. I'm a homebody and an introvert, and while my circle of friends closed a bit after getting married, this doesn't seem normal at all. She's isolating herself and that's concerning, and a of depression. Does she do any of the shopping by herself?

Does she only go leave the house in your company or to go to work? I second this. Me 30f and my husband are both introverts, and this doesn't seem normal to me either. My friends are married and have kids Also I'm About 3 hrs away from them. I still talk and hangout with them when something comes up. But she seems to just completely shut them out. I don't mean to alarm you, but I started isolating myself like this fast and thoroughly once I had begun getting sicker from my invisible illnesses and finally got diagnosis. I'm not saying your wife is ill but introversion doesn't usually completely hide itself until someone can breathe a sigh of relief that they are legally bonded to their love.

Could be mental illness depression if not physical. Recently I lost a lot of friends due to various circumstances. Job change the convenience of being friends disappeared and they did not respond to communicating outside of workbig life events, etc. It ended up that suddenly I realized I had a very small handful of friends left, and that this handful is actually often quite busy with their own lives and can't hangout as much as I might like to.

So I'm not as social as I once was, but I like having my time at home. I like engaging in my own hobbies, hanging out with my husband, and just taking the time to relax and be myself. As others mentioned, I'm learning more about myself this way, lessons I needed to learn, and I'm doing it at my own pace. Maybe your wife is, too. If my husband wants to go out and do a thing with his friends, he goes.

And I don't mind in the least. I just use that time alone to do something I want to do, watch a movie or show I've wanted to watch, play a game online, etc. Found the internet! Starting to worry. Posted by 4 years ago. She seems perfectly happy. But, is this normal? Sort by: best. Continue this thread. I wouldn't worry unless she starts acting overly needy, or tries to control your own social life, or that sort of thing Honestly, she doesn't. This could be that situation, honestly. Lots of baby talk recently What role do kids play in your future? Could be the cause of her nesting overdrive.

Kids create their own friendship opportunities. We definitely want babies! I'm a lot like your wife.

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My wife needs friends

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