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However, disapproving his step, a senior Army official said, "It was over-enthusiastic behavior by the officer but the intentions are right and were with an aim to get the facility started at the earliest.

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But this is not the way and it should not have been done. He should have waited for procurement through government funds. There is no shortfall in public funds. In the letter written to Sonu Sood, the officer wrote, "With the limited resources available with us, there is a requirement of additional equipment. Major General SB Asthana RetdDefence Analysts, said, "The officer followed a procedure which is not as per the traditions in the Army as normally there is no dearth of resources for such requirements.

But, this move led to a lot of flak from people on the internet.

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Not just the public, even the Army has lost trust in this government! God save our country and the job of the officer! Even the army lost hope in Crocodile Ji. Keep crying.

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Army seeks future officers during virtual hiring spree