Looking to chill and talk

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Thank you so much Ronnie could you please make lesson about the garden and flowers around home if its possible. I knew, pretty mean is most beautiful. I found my friends always said this word. It shows a contrast and emphasize the climate in Siberia.

Ronnei please do more lessons. I am suffering form miss you. Thx a lot, Ronnie. Have a chill day… Can I spell so? If not I have just invented a new slang term. Thanks for clearing that up. I just knew from this video that was actually a slang. Hi Ronnie, You are cool as usual. I need your help bout pronounciation of first syllable of words start with a; especially away,abandon,arrange, above. A few days ago recognize I have pronouncation problem with the first letter. Could you prepare a lesson or a simple answer about this difficulity of me?

Thanks a lot for all your effort. Hey Ronnie! You are great. Hope we have a lot of fun here.

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Please, never chill out, keep on with this powerfull and amazing vid lessons, all of you are great. Thanks for your effort.

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Of cause how many! Why in the question 4, chill out is relax. The right answer must be, chill out is: shut up in this case. Today i am just chillin in front of my computer. I want to learn english. I want to listenning, speaking, although i am weak in english but i try to do on my best. The lessons made by every teacher on engVid are great BUT from some days ago they have become boring because every time I click on the progression bar an ad pops out Woozgo.

Unfortunately if such a problem continues I will leave enfVid. Best regards. I must precise my message. Actually it is not a pop up but when I click on the progression bar I am automatically redirected to Woozgo.

Hello, Ronnie how are you doing? Hi, Ronnie i would like to watch a video about how to distingish humidity,damp,moisture or words like are very similar in meaning freedom-liberty,revenge-vengeance,poison-venom….

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By the way the video was really fun. I had a very good time watching you. I would like to suggest you to come to Dubai, you will get to know what is humidity and what is moisture. Keep it up! Greetings from Veronica, PL. I suggest to postpone our meeting until wendnesday. Slang is a street language? Hi Ronnie…nice to know you. Am I correct? I like your lesson. This is really helpful to improve my English. You said that the best way to learn English is to learn in the English speaking country, but i think i can learn a lot from you here.

I will learn every lesson you taught. Just to make me know you read my comment. Oya, may ask a question? I have a big problem in ing and gs sound like building and things i hope that u will make a video about that. I have a dream to be perfect in English and I will achieve my dram by yr help : I have a few questions for you, my teacher: 1. I have a big problem in ing and gs sound like building and things i hope that u will make a video about that thanks for everything :D yr clever student Rawan Yousef :D. Now my question is that, can we use these slangs with older people.

If your not, your ok and safe. No friends whith whom I have to practice your lessons I always try to speak to myself. I would like to learn more slang.

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I live in London. It is very usefull for me. Also your style is quite amazing.

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Thank you. Thank you so much Ronnie.

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Could you please make a lesson to teach us how to talk by phone? To hang out is to spend time with someone — not for work or school, but just to be social. Ronnie this is my first time to leave a comment but i watched some of your vid and its really cool and I love the way u teach :. Ronnie, you are wonderful!!! Love your lessons and how you do that. The only think is I would like to learn more about american English and slang. Anyway your lessons help me a lot to impove my English. Thanks a lot! I got 10 correct out of Thank you!!

If someone knows it, please reply. You are chill, Ronnie! Thanks a lot!!! Ronni you are the best, I really enjoy your class. Honestly you are a really good teacher I had learn a lot from you thanks. I love the way you teach. I have a lot of problems with them :. I know there are a lot of them out there and they might not fit into one video but they are the must things for newcomers to Canada and really hard to find in one place. I do not know how to say a fruit is not good anymore to be eaten.

Looking to chill and talk

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