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Search only speeches by Robert Buckland Search all speeches. Advanced search. Robert Buckland: I speak regularly with my right hon. Friend the Home Secretary on the actions our Departments are taking to beat crime. Our t approach will protect the law-abiding majority, swiftly bring criminals to justice, and ensure that offenders are managed with rigour and discipline.

ificant work is already under way to deliver on our beating crime plan, including more t supervision of Robert Buckland: I am grateful to my hon. Friend, who speaks passionately for his community. He knows of course that sentencing guidelines are a matter for the independent Sentencing Council.

Indeed, earlier this year it issued revised guidelines for drug offences that reflect many of the issues he raises, including the increased exploitation of children and vulnerable people to facilitate drug offences, Robert Buckland: I am more than happy to in that praise.

My hon.

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Friend is right to highlight the local work that has been going on in Wrexham and in Wales. As announced in our beating crime plan, we are going to be trialling alcohol monitoring tags with prison leavers in Wales later this year. That I think will provide a clear incentive for offenders to control their drinking and ensure swift Robert Buckland: Well, we are. The announcement of a replacement of the Action Fraud system was made some time ago. I can assure the hon.

Member that the work that goes on with colleagues in the Home Office on fighting economic crime more generally and fraud is sustained. It involves work with the private sector, Robert Buckland: I acknowledge the grave concerns of judges, legal professionals and beyond, both here and in Afghanistan, which are real and present.

My Department continues to work urgently to support cross-Government efforts to provide safe passage for judges in Afghanistan, including by ensuring that individual cases that are brought to my attention are immediately lodged with relevant parts of the system. Robert Buckland: I can reassure my hon. Friend that I am in daily communication with the judiciary and the wider legal profession—in fact, I am in daily communication with judiciary in Afghanistan—and I commend everyone for their efforts to support those judges and those who have dedicated themselves to building the rule of law and human rights in Afghanistan.

As an example, the noble Lord Wolfson and I Robert Buckland: Let me deal with the specific issue of judges and other lawyers in Afghanistan, because that is what I am directly involved with. Yesterday, the Afghan citizens resettlement scheme was announced. That provides a clear route to safety for judges, who are one of the groups to be prioritised under the scheme. Some judges have already been resettled here in the UK, and I will not rest until Robert Buckland: I am sorry, but the right hon. Gentleman has not been in touch with me once about these matters directly.

I have been working directly with the legal sector, the Bar Council and individual leading members of the profession, virtually daily to try to identify particular schemes and approaches we can take to assist judges, prosecutors and other lawyers in Afghanistan.

I would love to see the Robert Buckland: The Government recognise the deep distress that is caused when a pet is stolen, and the pet theft taskforce carried out a thorough investigation of this issue. Its excellent report, published earlier this month, contains a comprehensive set of recommendations that will allow us to tackle this issue head on. Robert Buckland: I reassure my hon. Friend that we are already working on the new proposed offence of pet abduction and that work is already under way with many of the other recommendations stemming from the report, such as the review of microchipping and improvements in the recording of these offences.

This will continue and I remind the House that the recommendation of the pet abduction offence is leagues Robert Buckland: My hon. Friend is absolutely right. The emotional effect both on the pets and their owners has to be taken into. I think there is a read-across to animal cruelty and the important reforms that we made recently in increasing maximum sentences.

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Friend hits the nail on the head. The idea that buying an animal by the side of the road or in a garage forecourt for cash is somehow legitimate trade is clearly wrong. We will build on that in the way in Robert Buckland: I am always grateful for the hon. That is why abduction is a much better read-across, Robert Buckland: The Government are currently consulting on a range of reforms to competition and policy in order to more effectively and swiftly address anti-competitive behaviour.

The consultation includes many of the recommendations that my hon. Friend made in his excellent report. As part of it, we welcome suggestions from small businesses about how the system can be improved.

We have read my hon. With respect, I do not think that the way forward is to create a further tier of specialist courts. However, there is much that can be done with colleagues in the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy to make sure that the overall structure of the competition mechanism is Robert Buckland: Naturally, I do not disclose the details of my private conversations with Cabinet colleagues, but they and everybody else should be in no doubt that I am, and will continue to be, a very active Lord Chancellor in supporting the rule of law.

I use the authority of my office to advise, to warn and to encourage. I am absolutely committed, under the oath I took, to my constitutional duty to Robert Buckland: I assure the hon. Gentleman that my right hon. Friend the Home Secretary has taken the fullest and most comprehensive advice on these matters. There is an immediate challenge: we face the appalling exploitation of people by gangmasters and traffickers across the English channel every day.

It is absolutely right that she and Home Office colleagues explore every possible lawful avenue to deal Robert Buckland: I think the right hon. Gentleman will find that, across the piece, the commentary that has followed my speech and the introduction of the Judicial Review and Courts Bill has reflected the fact that this is a measured and incremental approach to constitutional reform, as, I am sure, will be the work on the independent review of the Human Rights Act. The idea that somehow I am the most Robert Buckland: I am afraid that that is emblematic of the problem that we are facing.

Dressing up legitimate political debate as somehow a direct criticism of our adherence to the rule of law is, I am afraid, a regular trick of the left, and I am not going to fall for that sanctimonious list of nonsense.

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This Government are absolutely committed to the rule of law across our United Kingdom. Robert Buckland: Again, the hon. Lady is way off the mark. We have a very clear plan for Afghan judges. If the Scottish National party wishes to conduct a proper dialogue and a proper debate, Subscribe to an alert for speaker:Robert Buckland.

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