I wanna get high and fuck

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Time are a' changing. The slave class have access to powerful knowledge now, at the click of a button. The Emporer wears no clothes - A book about the history, culture, uses and politics of the hemp plant by Jack Herer. A must read for all who use this Holy sacrament. Look man, I'm 34 yrs old and I've been smoking weed for a good 20yrs.

Nothing gets me more pumped while I'm smoking than this song right here. Love me some cypress hill. Richie Rich hahahha well, I appreciate that! But, trust and believe, I got my own!

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Y'all some good people. Christmass brought me here. Gotta stay hiiiiiighhhh soooo hiiighhhhh Merry christmas yall good new year. Lot of ppl here bc of South Park Been smoking the ganja since I was People don't realize that I am serious when I say that I would choose weed over alcohol, opiates and all of that other man made shit.

Im not saying its for everyone, but the world would definitely be a happier fucking place if it was legal.

Pi'erre Bourne - Drunk And Nasty (Lyrics) ft. Sharc - wanna get drunk and nasty

How many of y'all can say you learned to drop mad rhymes from Cypress hill Thank you Congress for passing the bill today for the decriminalization of weed on a Federal level. It never occurs to people if God came to earth in human form, that God itself might smoke weed.

Cypress Hill - I Wanna Get High (Official Audio)

Salve, meu mano Wodson!! Deus te levou, mas aqui estou fumando um e curtindo esse som lembrando das nossas risadas! I straight up love Cypress Hill, that's why I'm here. Needs something to smoke to, almost forgot South Park included this. They also put some other jams too so shit. Listening to this song live is incredible! It makes you want to do something but i forget what it is? Oh shit thats right new episode of South park had this im just here to get my playlist back into my new phone. I want to eat pieeeeee Burns when I shittttttttt Or maybe it was BMG I want to get high - so high!

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I wanna get high and fuck

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