I need to blow and go

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All 50 states have ignition interlock device lawsand 29 states require you get an IID even if this was your first DUI conviction. Each state has different regulations though, so how often you have to blow into your ignition interlock device will depend on the specifics of your case and which state you live in.

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Ignition interlock devices are a two part system. Then the handheld device that you blow into is attached by a cord to the ECU. Your technician will give you a full training session at the time your device is installed so that you know how to properly use it. When you blow into the mouthpiece on the handheld device, it communicates with the ECU. If there is no detectable alcohol on your breath, you can start your vehicle. The fail level is extremely low in most states, for example.

So at a minimum, you will be required to blow into the IID before you can start your vehicle.

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All state programs then require what is called a rolling retest. At periodic intervals, you will have to blow into the device again, to prove you are not drinking while driving. We do not advise that you give a breath sample while the vehicle is moving down the road.

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Your ignition interlock device will sound an alert a few minutes before the next test is required to give you time to find a safe location. If you skip a rolling retest, that will be recorded as a violation.

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For safety reasons, the ignition interlock device will not shut down your vehicle in the middle of traffic. But you should know, if you fail or skip a rolling retest, it will be reported to your monitoring authority as a violation. In many states, you are only allowed one program violation before you have to take your vehicle back into the ignition interlock installation service center for unscheduled service.

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This is relatively uncommon, but it does happen. If you have a DUI lawyer, you will want to notify them as well.

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A failed test, regardless of why it happened, is a program violation and could result in you needing to have the ignition interlock device in your vehicle for a longer time, or facing other legal consequences. Your IID will help monitor your progress towards getting full driving privileges back. We understand you want to get your life back to normal as quickly as possible.

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I need to blow and go

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