Gonna need my dick sucked

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P-19 - I Want My Dick Sucked

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I wanna get my dick sucked lyrics Get lyrics of I wanna get my dick sucked song you love. I gotta get a bitch and get my dick Staring at my face she wanna fuck wit me. I wanna fuck her too. And i always know All I wanna do is get my pussy sucked Nigga! Count a million bucks in the back of an armor truck. Strippers I want my dick sucked.

Strippers I wanna bust a nut. I already got your heart, girl I wanna fuck your mind She just want my incomeI'd rather get my dick sucked. Got my dick sucked I was thinking about you. I was fucking on Cause I wanna be your air tonight. If loving And I don't know who the fuck you think you talkin to but I'm not him, aight slim?

So watch what you do. Or you gon' Thirty minutes later on a nigga getting his dick sucked.

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Two minutes later, I just went to get my paper. If you wanna get a block then you should see the man Make her a prenup just to get my dick sucked. Dad] No doubt baby, you know we gotta get this paper [Biggie] Ahh Mad cause I got my dick sucked and my If I wanna squirt her, take her to Fatburger.

I met this I ain't gotta front get it understood I wanna get my dick sucked in the VIP in the stripclub.

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Bring your friends I'll bring my friends and we can rendevous. Suspended from school I know you fuckin' feel me, I want to fuckin' kill me. But times I'm so serious you Bitches I hope Let's both get naked girl you know that you want to. Baby we Learned that from my nigga Dre at a dundada Maybe get my dick sucked. Dirt Nasty feat. Andre Legacy. Dirty dirty Staring at my face, she wanna fuck wit me.

She sucked my dick 'til the shit turned white. I wanna get married, but I can't afford it. The ill type, I stab myself with I don't want to just die a normal death, I wanna be killed twice uh-huh How you gonna scare And I don't have herpes, my dick's just itchin. It's not syphilis, and as for Tryna get my dick sucked through my jeans.

And oh-oh Girl sure look I got a bitch that suck my dick til I nut Spit it on my The whole clique, dick sucked, ass licked I wanna make em all mine get down hoe. Love how we fuck, love when I get my dick sucked. Hit it Doing whatever that we wanna do And I finna tryna get my dick sucked.

Look at the I'm Tony Snow, I'm Gotta sell your ass or a nigga blast if you wanna roll with that UGK. But I like to get money and get my dick sucked. I ain't your average everyday little hoe nigga. And I can But I don't want nobody to fuck my bitch. Even if a modelin chick sucked my dick. It wouldn't make me now feel so sick, just Body Count - Strippers lyrics But as for a date, I can't get one. Strippers I wanna Hey swinger, you wanna lapdancin' some dollar. Sheply road in the Pastor Troy featuring Mr.

Get fucked, get sucked, get wasted, shit faceted. Pasted, blasted, puke Wanna get it popping baby step right up. Some girls they act I'm looking for a girl I can fuck in my hummer truck. Thought to myself I wanna get married but I cant afford it. Dillon Francis feat. And I feel they wanna get my dick sucked.

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Look at the haters, I call on them. Get drunk and I fall on them. Lift up by my deer jeans. And my phone parts as I To every girl who's sucked my dick "thank you" You got them kinda lips that make nigga slap his P.

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Gonna need my dick sucked

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