Forensic research wanted

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This article has been approved by an Indeed Career Coach. There are several career options in the forensic science field. This industry is a cross between the medical and legal sectors and plays an important role in everything from solving serious crimes to supporting the legal system in the courts. Careers in forensic science vary widely and require education and experience that ranges from a high school diploma to a doctorate. In this article, we define what forensic science is and explore 10 popular forensic science careers as well as their job duties and average salaries.

Forensic science is the application of scientific methods and processes in various legal and criminal-related settings. Forensic science is most commonly used in criminal investigations as well as in criminal convictions.

Career Options in Forensic Science - Forensic Science Careers

The primary focus of forensic science is to uncover physical evidence through recognition, identification, testing and evaluation. Forensic science relies on various forms of science—including chemistry, biology and physics—to analyze and interpret criminal-related data. The following are 10 common jobs you can pursue within the forensic science field:.

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Primary duties: These professionals study and evaluate fingerprints in criminal investigations. They work in a crime lab as well as at active crime scenes. Fingerprint analysts process and preserve fingerprint samples, analyze fingerprints and load fingerprint images into fingerprint databases for comparison. Primary duties: Evidence technicians are responsible for collecting evidence at crime scenes, processing the evidence and transporting the evidence to storage locations.

Requirements: Most evidence technician jobs require a degree in criminal justice or a related field. Some positions may allow individuals to hold an entry-level evidence technician job with experience and on-the-job training. They may take photos and keep written records of crime scene evidence. These professionals most commonly work for crime labs, police departments and medical examiner offices. Requirements: A minimum of a Bachelor's Degree in Forensic Science is typically required for this position. Primary duties: Forensic specialists assess physical evidence from a crime scene using various methods of analysis, including chemical, instrumental and microscopic methods.

They may work with biological fluids, drugs, blood, gunshot residue and other materials found at a crime scene. They may serve as expert witnesses in court cases and conduct research related to new forensic equipment and technology. Several years of experience working in a forensic science lab is often needed as well to obtain a job as a forensic specialist.

Primary duties: A forensics manager is a professional who oversees the activities that support criminal investigations. They may plan, direct and coordinate various activities related to forensic science within a crime lab or other forensics organization. Primary duties: Forensic investigators are responsible for investigating evidence found at a crime scene. They may take photos of the crime scene, collect samples and examine evidence in a lab.

They then use the evidence to make assumptions regarding the details of the crime. Primary duties: Forensic ants are experts in financial crime and work to uncover fraud and protect bank s against fraudulent activity. They examine financial records and s that may be used as evidence. They may also assist in court to determine damages and awards for cases.

Requirements: A minimum of a Bachelor's Degree in Finance, ing or a related field is required.

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Related: Learn About Being an ant. Primary duties: These professionals are tasked with investigating structures that have failed or do not function properly.

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They commonly analyze structures that have resulted in personal injury or property damage and determine the cause. Forensic engineers may use their findings in criminal and civil law cases to support the evidence presented. Requirements: A minimum of a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering is required to become a forensic engineer. Primary duties: Forensic psychologists perform several duties within the legal system, including performing psychological assessments of criminals, witnesses and defendants in legal proceedings and acting as expert witnesses in court cases.

They may also devise treatment plans and intervention methods for prison inmates and make recommendations for inmates' parole. These professionals typically work for community health centers, psychiatric hospitals, government agencies and correctional facilities. Requirements: Forensic psychologists must hold a minimum of a Master's Degree in Forensic Psychology.

Many of these professionals also hold certification from the American Board of Forensic Psychology. Related: 15 Top Psychology Degree Jobs. Primary duties: These professionals are responsible for conducting autopsies on bodies to determine the cause of death. They may assist in the investigation of crimes like murders and evaluate the findings of autopsies. Requirements: A forensic pathologist must complete a medical school program as well as three to five years of residency training in general pathology.

Indeed Home. Find jobs. Company reviews. Find salaries. in. Finding a Job. This article has been approved by an Indeed Career Coach There are several career options in the forensic science field. What is forensic science? Collecting evidence from crime scenes Preserving and catag specimens to be analyzed Interpreting criminal data Assisting in criminal or civil court cases Determining the cause of a crime Analyzing evidence and using it to formulate hypotheses regarding a crime.

Fingerprint analyst. Evidence technician. Forensic science technician. Forensic specialist.

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Forensics manager. Forensic investigator. Forensic ant. Forensic engineer. Forensic psychologist. Forensic pathologist. Related View More arrow right. The 15 Biggest Comebacks in Teen Jobs, Check out these 15 popular jobs for teens that have seen the biggest percentage growth of job postings on Indeed from summer to now.

Forensic research wanted

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Forensic Science: Making the Transition: From Research to Forensics