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Finding love is not easy.

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But thanks to online dating apps like Grindr, the search for a life partner can be faster and wilder than ever. The lack of real life dating options in the border town means gay men need to maximize their chances online. But dating in a city with around 80, inhabitants paints an entirely different picture. Its largest population group is between 55 and 64 years old. So what do you do when you are gay and looking for love or sex in a bounded place?

You download Grindrthe most popular online dating application for gay men and women. Grindr uses geolocalisation to show its users the people closest to them that match their criteria, acting as a platform to bridge the divide between online and offline contact.

Heterosexual men seem to dominate public spaces in the small border town. Walking through the historical centre, homeless men sitting and drinking outside on benches regularly shout at passers-by. Youngsters who drink cheap booze and smoke cigarettes occupy hidden spots along the city walls.

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Seeing two men or two women holding hands and walking in this environment is almost unheard of. Nonetheless, international studies such as the the latest ILGA ranking International Lesbian and Gay Association see Poland as one of the worst countries to be gay in Europe with the community facing gross violations of human rights and regular discrimination. Since then, the Polish Constitution guarantees that all persons shall be equal before the law, all persons shall have the right to equal treatment by public authorities and no one shall be discriminated against in political, social or economic life for any reason whatsoever.

Subtly, but not explicitly, including sexual orientation. Grindr and similar online dating sites are the only places where gay men can feel safe and can actually connect with other people. We stay in touch, visit each other or go for trips together. Both Dominik and his partner have Grindr profiles, which they use to make new friends.

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There are well-known places that host sex parties. Grindr is a bit like Russian roulette; users can land on anything from simple dinner invitations to group orgies. Him and his partner make it clear what kind of offer guys can expect from their profiles. In the past, when the border was still present, visible and not easy to cross, it was unusual for people to search for love in the neighbouring state.

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They would come for work and find love haphazardly. My dad is Czech and he was pretty courageous to find a Polish wife. He was even very motivated, because Polish women are known for being pretty. He has been using the app for the last three months.

Because I am not sure if the connections you make on Grindr lead to more than two dates. Dating apps are serving you a full plate of faces and information, and I think that more you see the more you want.

What do Polish girls in Warsaw \u0026 Krakow think of foreign guys?

When asked about his experience with Polish guys, he mentions his appreciation for their straightforward-ness. The interest faded away after a while, and then the enthusiasm turned into hate. For Maciek, there is a sense of safety that can be preserved online. We exchange pictures and we chat.

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But when I walk around the city and meet one of them in real life, they just ignore me. The small town mentality and fear of being ostracized might be limitations for some men, especially those who have a hard time finding the courage to take the connection from an online to an offline space.

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Rita is a German artist, musician and psychotherapist who has been living in Poland since I wanted to have a place to meet, to grow and to talk about problems connected with being gay. The support group takes place every Wednesday in her apartment in the centre of town.

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When I came here, it was very hard to find someone who you knew was non-heterosexual. Why not? The rest are unrecognisable. Bartek refuses to hide his identity. He came out to his family and to his work colleagues. He says that his sense of humour and kind personality helped him to avoid troubles that might be caused by him being openly gay.

Bartek uses Grindr every day to connect with people. But I usually talk to the Polish guys. He is also very enthusiastic about finding love online and the possibilities Grindr brings to him.

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The year-old wine merchant comes here to visit his family and has embraced online dating as a natural part of his love life. One of them lives just a few kilometres from here. Marcin is one of over three million men who use the app daily across the world.

All it takes is a little scratching beneath the surface, and having an open mind when it comes to dating applications like Grindr. Still, the small border town is no exception — the only true safe spaces for gay men living in town are found behind closed doors of their homes.

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