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I love my physical features, but Asian women should love their own features too. I think our society gets off on judging women. Sexual Health. Compared to black women especially but also white women and some Latinas, Asians are much hotter. Asian women are hot as hell. Are these women just jealous? Share Facebook. Why do people say Asian women have no curves? Are other women just jealous? Add Opinion. Attraction is subjective. You think Asian women are hot? But what if I don't agree? I mean I guess you could still be jealous and disagree because of that jealousy, but I'm truly not jealous of Asian women.

I find the exoticism imposed on Asian identity to be quite interesting, specifically as it has always been applied to Asian women only. I wouldn't really want to embody any Asian stereotype, from being submissive and docile to have the least pronounced or most subtle curves of the major groups we think of when it comes to race. But stereotypes aren't always accurate, they don't portray an absolute picture of any group. For example, not all Asians are especially intelligent or play the violin or piano.

My best friend is Asian and she's not the brightest bulb in the pack, for example. Love her, but having an "intelligent conversation" with her is somewhat difficult. She does have a piano though, but she rarely plays it.

She does it for fun. Aside from that, many people actually living in Asian regions don't have access to good education, especially women in some places. Of course, that doesn't mean that they aren't "smart", but your usual indicators of intelligence may not be as obvious. However, I'm black and we have horrible stereotypes. I think it takes all kinds, you know. If you like Asian women, go forth and get you an Asian woman. That's life. I am absolutely not jealous of Asian women at all, not in any way possible, when it comes to looks or personality.

I prefer my body type and my facial features to those that are typical in Asian women. Of course, Asian is a very vague, broad term. We are speaking generally about east Asians and "pacific islander" asians, I assume. Indians look very different from Chinese women, for example. I love my face, my nose, my full lips, my big oval eyes, I love my kinky hair, believe it or not, I love my tan skin, and I like my curvy hips, butt, and my C cups.

I'm very intelligent, talented, and articulate. Why would I be jealous of Asian women? Just because I don't find myself especially drawn toward Asian features doesn't mean I am jealous of them. However, I think there is beauty all over, and I can appreciate that. As a person with eyes, I think there are interesting looking people and beautiful looking people all over of any group.

I love the diversity. I guess it depends on the way you deliver the message, because I'm sure you may have come across some jealousy. As a bisexual, no, I admit that I'm not usually as attracted to the average Asian woman with a feminine identity. Some are hot. I have however, been attracted to Asian women who are more edgy or masculine in their gender expression.

Well, two Asians specifically. You go girl, sorry for this rude Qa! Xper 5. How is you saying "Compared to black women especially but also white women and some Latinas, Asians are much hotter" any different than girls saying Asian women have no curves? You're being just as judgmental and rude as any woman who insults another based on her looks or race, perhaps even more so because you're insulting three races of women instead of just one. Also, just because you find Asian women "hot as hell" doesn't mean that everybody does. There is no one standard of beauty, people like what they like and you happen to like Asian women.

Now the last thing you want is every guy to prefer Asian women because then there would be less for you lol. And no, nonAsian women are not jealous of Asian women for being "slim" as you put it. That would be like saying Asian women are jealous of nonAsian women for being curvy.

It's ridiculous and stupid of you to think that and anybody else who does including any jealous women of whatever race is just as silly as you are. So stop calling other women jealous and just enjoy the kind of woman you are attracted to, it is possible to do that without putting anyone else down. EgyptianNergerts Xper 6.

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I feel like you're an Asian girl behind all of this And judging from the fact that you stated, "black women especially", and, "much hotter" I'm assuming you're the jealous one - since we are stereotypically known the most to have what you Asian women usually lack. But on the bright side, you ladies know how to submit, much like trained animals. LOL that's cute. But, if you truly are a guy which I don't believe because why would a guy be worried about what other women say about anotherthen get over it. Just go convince them to do squats or something. SteelyMcBeam opinions shared on Sexual Health topic.

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This is racist as hell. There are bodacious Asian women just as there are bodacious Black women. There are smokin' hot Latinas, and there are some drop dead gorgeous Indian women. Similarly, there are big fat Asian women and there are slim and fit Black women. Race shouldn't be and isn't a factor. If you think race has an effect on body types, blind-fold yourself and place all the ladies behind a screen and view only their silhouettes; then try to guess which lady was which race.

I'll bet you wouldn't be able to accurately guess off of shadowy body shapes alone! Finally, some of us don't have a particular race. Have you ever heard of mixed race? Here's a hint: NOBODY on the planet is of pure race -the aborigines of Australia are probably the most intact of any race and even they are quite different from original peoples: link "This race has one of the highest genetic diversity amongst current human races being bypassed just by the Bushmen, the oldest living human racethe mitochondrial DNA showing an age of at least 35, years for this human type.

RedThread 1K opinions shared on Sexual Health topic. I think questions like this are meant to breed disagreements and racial separation. I'm just as attracted to this girl who is Asian link who has slighter curves. This is a white girl who has slight curves link I think they're very close in attractiveness regardless of race. As I am to this girl who is more curvy link and link who is Asian and curvy.

The point is there are attractive people with different body types all over the world and I think it's wrong to pigeonhole people due to stereotypes then claim that they're more attractive than people of other backgrounds due to their stereotypes. I have very diverse tastes in beauty though so what do I know? Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. Sort Girls First Guys First. I saw Asians with curve it they are really sexy!

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I don't think non Asian women are jealous of them since they are today more popular 20 years ago asianwomen didn't have the same attention anyway a non Asian women with no curve do you think they are attractive? They don't have curves like many women in other places. Usually small breasts, and the hips are not so curved. This is generally true, although of course they aren't all the same. Those slim and subtly curved bodies look great in most clothes, though.

So many could be models in other countries, although most are considered too short for modeling in European countries. But they're still very beautiful, often with perfect skin, contrasting with dark hair. An often, model-type cheekbones and delicate, fine bone structure.

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Personally I love the eyes with their natural shadow Of course, other women are jealous of them! They look for flaws, and so they seize on the relatively angular bodies most of them have. Just sour grapes, yes. NoirPrincess Xper 3. I love my naturally tan skin, full luscious lips, dark mysterious eyes and curvy body. I found this question very negative and disrespectful. Just because you think Asian women are the hottest doesn't mean any other race of women are ugly. To be honest Asian women aren't built to have many curves, it's all in genetics.

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Hmmm I've never said that However in real life. They cease to exist in the real world in abundance. If we speak just biologically how humans are wired then, men have been evolved to look for curves in a woman cause that shows fertility and sexual maturity in the female. That may be a reason why more curvaceous women get more attention.

I love my curves and I would never be jealous of women who don't have them, they help show men I am woman. I live in a country literally surrounded by asians, and I can tell u, that most don't have curves, they tend to have a straight kind of body type, usually with small boobs and ass. This is just the truth, I am not jealous cos I am quite happy with my body.

Obvs this does not apply for all Asian women, but for most. If you have been to an Asian country and gone to a clothing store, you would see that most of their sizes are extremely small. Because they usually don't. Just because you find Asian women attractive doesn't mean other people do or have to.

I think white, Latina, and black women are far more beautiful than Asian women, and I don't think Asian women are pretty at all. You can't help who you find attractive or unattractive, it doesn't mean you're jealous at all. Grow up.

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