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A Colombian marriage is usually met with fanfare and celebration. They are people of intensity, which makes them so magnetic. Of course, some Colombians are more reserved than others, but their desire to live life bleeds through all the same.

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And these interests can manifest themselves in interesting ways. On the flip side, this intensity can provoke negative reactions of the same magnitude.

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Being an impassioned person means that discontent can seem more extreme than it actually is. This can result in arguments seeming more severe from your perspective than they do for your Colombian other half, causing a complicated asymmetry between the two of you. Ready to marry your Colombian partner and need to M-type Marriage Visa? Expat Group has already helped hundreds of foreigners like you successfully apply for the migrant class visa. Book an appointment with us for more information. Family is everything in Colombia. Many occasions, like Sunday dinner or going out on the weekends are done so with the whole family, and the value placed on spending this time together is ificant.

There can be, however, complications to your plans with your Colombian partner as a result of this. Plans to spend time as a couple are sometimes compromised by the inclusion of other family members, complicating arrangements between foreigners and their Colombian spouse.

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Family comes first can also mean a restriction on your long-term relationship goals. If your plan, for instance, is to eventually move abroad as a couple, your Colombian other half may feel the need of being close to their family geographically speaking the decisive factor. Ultimately, the most crucial thing is to be clear about intentions and how time is spent together and with others. Much like dating a Colombianmarrying a Colombian can come with certain traditions regarding gender roles.

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Men in a heterosexual relationship, for instance, are expected to be the primary earner, whereas the woman are seen as the primary care givers to children if there are any. While Colombian baby boomers and gen-x are more likely to follow this strictly, diversions from these roles are considered as fairly abnormal by Colombians of all ages.

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Looking to get an R-type Marriage Visa? Book an appointment with one of our visa consultants to get the process started today. Colombians love using their body to communicate and do so on a surprisingly regular basis. The most common example is when Colombians use their mouth to indicate who the subject of conversation is without saying their name. Funny at first, this is often something that you end up using yourself as a communication tool.

Like people from any country, the way you express yourself and the way you react to different situations, is base on your level of education and emotional intelligence.

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Marrying a Colombian: 4 Customs to Be Aware of. Most Colombians have strong family bonds Family is everything in Colombia. Share this.

Columbia women wanting

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