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Ford E-transit

While the number of electric cars is increasing day by day, we have started to see electric versions of commercial models as well. Ford E-Transit, produced by Ford Otosan in Turkey, was showcased at an event. Our team also followed the organization on site.

Ford E-Transit price and features have been announced
Ford E-Transit, Ford’s first electric commercial vehicle in Europe, is produced in Kocaeli factories. E-Transit, which has an important place in Ford’s product range, will also be one of the important representatives of the brand’s transition to electric vehicles.

The electric Ford Transit will appear with two different engine options. While the 135 kW (184 hp) option is the entry option of the commercial model, the 198 kW (269 hp) version is the more powerful option.

Home to a 68 kWh battery, Ford E-Transit offers a range of 315 kilometers according to the WLPT cycle. This figure is described by the brand as three times the daily distance traveled by an average fleet user. When we look at it in this way, it is possible to say that this range is quite sufficient.

It will be possible to charge the Ford E-Transit’s battery in 8.2 hours with AC charging. On the other hand, it only takes 34 minutes to increase the battery from 15 percent to 80 percent with a DC charger. This time is especially important for a vehicle that needs to be constantly moving during the day.

The prices of E-Transit, which is the first commercial vehicle of the brand, were also announced. Accordingly, the prices of electric commercial vehicles are listed as follows:

Ford E-Transit 350M VAN 135 kW Trend: 1 million 176 thousand TL
Ford E-Transit 350L VAN 135 kW Trend: 1 million 223 thousand TL
Ford E-Transit 350L VAN 135 kW Trend / High Roof: 1 million 235 thousand 200 TL
Ford E-Transit 350L VAN 198 kW Deluxe: 1 million 284 thousand 100 TL
Ford E-Transit 350E VAN 135 kW Trend: 1 million 369 thousand 700 TL
Ford E-Transit 350E VAN 198 kW Deluxe: 1 million 438 thousand 100 TL