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I have some clothing to get rid of, and have always had extremely negative experiences with Buffalo Exchange. Does anyone know where else I could get rid of some well-preserved clothes for a little cash? Preferably where the salespeople aren't bitchy little snots?

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There's the Redoux Parlour down on Blair, but they do have some restrictions on what they buy. The ladies who work at Redoux Parlor are super nice.

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It's my favorite clothing place in town. Highly recommended!

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I can't help you but wanted to let you know this post made me chuckle. Every time I'm there I feel like I'm being looked down on by the employees. I don't know why they feel so glamorous working at a glorified thrift store. We tested them once. I know that they don't have a great men's selection, but my bf wears expensive, stylish clothes. Like the kind hipsters like to wear, but sososo much more expensive.

He had a few never-worn shirts to get rid of priced between dollars newbut he didn't think it was worth the hassle of eBay and was just gong to donate them, but I suggested buffalo exchange. Girl behind the counter rejected all of them except them the cheapest dollars one, and offered his 7 bucks for it. I've had better luck than that with used forever They're just snotty little girls who believe themselves to be fashionistas, not actually savvy buyers. Thanks for replying, unfortunately I have to get cash so I can eat next week :c maybe someday I'll be able to though!

There are a few listed here. The Clothes Horse is my favorite re-sale shop!!! They're on 13th Ave between Hilyard and Patterson. I work in a professional setting and have always found perfect clothes for work - not too dressy, not too casual. They also have a lot of really dressy stuff, and a lot of casual stuff.

Clothes Horse is a good place to sell good quality items too, sorry I misread your post. Selling clothes for resale is not really a good way to get cash - the Clothes Horse will be nicer to you than Buffalo Exchange, but you're usually not going to walk out of any Eugene resale shop with decent cash for your clothes I've tried to sell clothes to all of them, multiple times.

You're better off exchanging them for store credit so you at least don't have to spend money on "new" awesome clothes, and finding another way to earn a few bucks. I've worked there and I understand people's image of the store- but ya gotta understand.

TIPS to SELL CLOTHES to PLATO'S CLOSET from an EX EMPLOYEE 2020 - Lauren Carducci

Buffalo is one of the only stores that gives out cash and so they get a real crazy mix of people. They get yelled at, demeaned and just bitched at. Every day. Try and keep a positive attitude when someone tells you they can't make their rent unless they sell their t-shirt. Or that their kid won't be able to get medicine if you don't take their clothes.

They buy what they're told to by the higher-upsso don't think it's personal. They're just trying to do as they're told to run a business. I'm sorry you had a negative experience, but as someone else said- you can't get much cash for used clothing because people just aren't willing to spend that much on used clothing. It wasn't the low amount I got for my clothes, I know what to expect. But the clothes buying attendant working there just gave me the shittiest attitude the three times I tried to sell clothes there. They didn't want a lot of my clothes, that's fine - but they threw them on the dirty floor and gave me snotty looks as if I were being rude when I was sitting there quietly waiting for them to finish.

The sarcasm wasn't appreciated either. It was years ago, but I never forget being treated badly like that. Found the internet! Resale clothing places in Eugene aside from Buffalo exchange? Posted by 8 years ago. Sort by: top suggested. Continue this thread. Is this just women's clothes? Kitsch and Deluxe are my favorite. More posts from the Eugene community.

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Buffalo exchange girls

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Resale clothing places in Eugene aside from Buffalo exchange?