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However, Kim warned that it is up to unidentified South Korean authorities as to whether the inter-Korean relationship will be restored or not.

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Kim accused the South Korean authorities of worsening inter-Korean relations by ignoring and neglecting the causes of the tension between the two Koreas. Enjoying this article? In response to the U. After Kim reaffirmed his stance that North Korea is unlikely to reengage in dialogue with Washington under the current circumstances, the U. China, the largest trading partner and only ally of North Korea, claimed that the U.

China hopes to make the Beijing Olympics the next Pyeongchang Olympics, in terms of providing momentum to make progress on the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. Instead, Pyongyang has consistently demanded the U. As diplomacy has stalled, South Koreans have started considering the redeployment of U.

But there are no s this is being seriously considered by either government. Cheong Seong-chang, a senior fellow at the Sejong Institute in South Korea, told The Diplomat that the redeployment of tactical nuclear weapons would not be an effective solution to bring the North back to the table.

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Instead, Cheong emphasized that the United States should undertake close cooperation with China as North Korea has inseparable economic ties with its larger neighbor. North Korea said on Wednesday that it had successfully tested a hypersonic missile.

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Meanwhile, after a successful test of underwater submarine-launched missiles, the South Korean Defense Ministry announced on Wednesday its plan to buy at least 1, drones as a part of efforts to strengthen its defense capability. The statement published after the meeting could affect not only the promised restoration of inter-Korean communication lines but also the entire inter-Korean and U. Politics Nuclear Energy in Kazakhstan?

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Society The Invisible Wounds of the Rohingya. The move marks another setback for inter-Korean relations and a challenge to the Panmunjom Declaration.

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In Kazakhstan, the topic of nuclear energy comes wrapped in the legacy of the Semipalatinsk, the Soviet nuclear testing site. The situation in the refugee camps has worsened over the years, causing irreversible damage to the mental health of their inhabitants.

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