Are you wanting pictures

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You can insert graphics and pictures that you have on hand into your document. For example, you can insert an image made in another program, or a photo off a digital camera.

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To insert more than one file at a time, press and hold down Ctrl as you select them. You can also use the internet to search for a picture if you don't have one handy in your files. From here, you can search for pictures using Bing Image Search, or browse your OneDrive for something to use.

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You can click the Filter button below the search field to refine your search. Size: Choose how big you want the image to be, from a small thumbnail to an extra-large image.

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Type: You can search for a photograph, clipart, line drawings, animations, or images with transparent backgrounds. Color: Select a color to show images that primarily feature that color. Layout: Search for square, wide, or tall images.

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When you crop a picture, you trim its horizontal and vertical sides. Cropping is useful when you only want to include a portion of a picture, or when you need to adjust its proportions. Picture styles let you add borders and effects, such as shadows, reflections, and 3D rotation, to images.

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You can select a Quick Style or customize your own style. The Quick Styles gallery expands. Each thumbnail gives a rough preview of how the style will affect the image. You can apply a variety of artistic effects to the images in your Word document.

Using these effects is an easy way to make your document stand out. Thumbnails for the available artistic effects appear, with emulated pencil sketch styles, paint styles, and texture effects. You can use the Corrections menu the same way to adjust and enhance your picture brightness, contrast, sharpness, or softness.

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You can also use the Color menu to adjust saturation and tone, or to add a color filter. Toggle. Free Word Training.

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Are you wanting pictures

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