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If, after this initial ranking, vacant places are still available, applicants fulfilling all the Entry Requirements and any other requirements imposed by the respective Faculties, Institutes, Centres or Schools before 30 September shall be considered for selection to take up any remaining places.

Admissions FAQs. Application process Are applications only available online? Yes How long will it take to fill in and submit the online form? It should take around ten minutes to complete the online application form.

You can also start an application, save it, and complete it at a later date. An application is only considered 'submitted' when it has been fully filled in and when the application fee has been paid. I am not a Maltese citizen but have been living in Malta for a of years. Am I considered a 'local' or an 'overseas' applicant? It is your qualification type, not your nationality, that determines whether you are a 'local' or an 'overseas' applicant.

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If your password starts with 'M' you should select 'Log In' and use these credentials when submitting an online application for admission. When should I apply for admission to the University of Malta? If you registered for at least one Matsec examination at Advanced or Intermediate Level taking place in you will be able to submit an online application following the publication of and until 24 August at Last year I submitted an application to follow a course at UM but I was not eligible. Do I have to submit another application in order to be re-considered for admission?

If you want to be re-considered for admission you need to submit a fresh application and pay the relevant application fee. Send a soft copy of such to the Admissions and Records Office: admissions um. I will be sitting for an examination in the October session. Should I apply before the first deadline?

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You should apply by the first deadline, indicating that you intend to sit for an examination in October. Is it possible to apply to follow another course at UM if I have not yet completed the one I am currently following? When should I apply? If you a registered student at UM and wish to pursue further studies you should apply by the deadlines indicated even if you are still awaiting publication of your final classification. If you have started an application and do not have the required information at hand, you are given the option on each to save the inputted details and continue your application later by selecting 'Save and Continue Later'.

Check each carefully before proceeding to the next as it will not be possible to effect any changes retroactively.

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Is it mandatory to apply for a second preference? This is not mandatory. However, UM recommends that you apply for a second preference course. Applicants choosing a limited course offered by the Faculty of Health Sciences will only be able to change the order of preferences until the 31 August. Once the acceptance letter is issued for first the preference course, the application for the second preference course is automatically withdrawn. For more information regarding such courses contact the ICP Office. Can I apply for a third course preference? The online application allows applicants to select two 2 course preferences.

You can apply for a third preference only if both the first and second course preferences are limited courses. You cannot choose a course with a limit in as your third preference. How will I know that the application has been submitted? The application is submitted when you pay the application fee. If you do not receive both s within 24 hours, send an to the Admissions and Records Officeand include your ID. Do I need to present the original certificates of all my qualifications when submitting the application? At application stage send scanned copies of the original certificates via.

UM will verify all original certificates after the letters of acceptance have been issued and once the academic year has started. If you are an overseas applicant send the scanned copies via to the address indicated on your acknowledgement within ten days from submission of your application. Failure to submit such documentation will mean that you are no longer interested in pursuing your application. UM will verify all original certificates of accepted applicants, in the first two weeks of October during the enrolment period.

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In cases where selection of applicants needs to take place, some Faculties may require the submission of certain documents before the selection process gets under way. I wish to withdraw my application. Will my application fee be refunded? Application fees are non-refundable. UM considers refunding the application fee only if the course does not commence due to an insufficient of qualified applicants.

A non-Maltese applicant may be allowed to offer another language as approved by the Admissions Board instead of Maltese.

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The other language cannot be English, and applicants whose mother tongue is English, shall be required to offer a language other than English instead of Maltese. If you pursued your secondary education outside Malta, the University would accept comparable qualifications, provided that the required mix of subjects and levels would is comparable to the Matriculation Certificate. A non-Maltese applicant may be allowed to offer another language instead of Maltese, as approved by the Admissions Board, provided that it is not English.

Applicants whose mother tongue is English shall be required to offer a language other than English, instead of Maltese. Applicants who hold dual citizenship, or who become naturalised Maltese citizens, are required to be in possession of a pass in Maltese at SEC level for entry to a course at UM.

All M. More details about the Medical Maltese Proficiency Certificate can be found here. Is this qualification accepted by UM? The qualifications you present from your home country in support of your application are independently evaluated by UM to assess the comparability against national framework levels.

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Am I eligible to apply for the Certificate in Foundation Studies course? The Certificate in Foundation Studies is a bridging course specifically deed to enable students who have completed their secondary or high school education abroad, and are eligible to a University course in their country, to qualify for admission to an undergraduate degree course at UM. EU, non-EU and Maltese dual citizens who ly studied abroad and then ed higher secondary schools in Malta for more than one year shall not be admitted to the course.

I noticed that the subjects which make up the Matriculation Certificate Examination are divided in different groups. How would I know which subjects I have to choose to present the required mix? Go through the criteria for the award of the Matriculation Certificate, including the mix of subjects required. I have overseas qualifications. The statement issued by MQRIC is taken into consideration but the UM further evaluates the qualifications to determine whether that particular qualification satisfies the entry requirements.

All applicants who have not studied in Malta, including those who may be considered under the maturity clause, are obliged to satisfy UM's English Language requirement by presenting a Secure English Language Test SELT result at the required levels and by the stipulated deadlines.

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Certain exemptions may be considered by the Admissions Board if applicants are native English speakers or if they have completed their studies at a university in a country where English is the native language. I have studied English in my home country.

Is this acceptable to satisfy the University's English Language requirement? All overseas applicants, including applicants who may be considered under the maturity clause, are obliged to satisfy the University's English Language requirement by presenting a Secure English Language Test SELT result at the required levels. The qualifications you present from your home country in support of your application are evaluated to assess the comparability of overseas qualifications against national framework levels. Without a valid SELT result, applicants will not be admitted to the course even if all other entry requirements are satisfied.

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When is it applicable? In terms of the Admissions Regulations, the University may consider admitting persons as regular students if they will have reached the age of 23 by the beginning of the course for which they would have applied. Should I fill in a special application?

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The online application form is also to be filled in by mature applicants. Applicants may also be required to submit a Learning Portfolio. It is best to liaise directly with the Faculty concerned to determine what the requirements would be.

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