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Posted September 21, Reviewed by Lybi Ma. In their fantasiesheteroflexible couples often idealize the women they want to date and sometimes develop very high expectations for the partners they hope to find. In reality, bi women who want to hook up with a couple are so hard to find that people in communities that practice consensual non- monogamy CNM call them unicorns, rare enough that they are almost mythical.

From a purely sex-positive perspective, there nothing wrong with wanting to have sexual adventures, and a menage a trois is one of the most popular adventurous fantasies — especially heterosexual men. From a relationship perspective, however, dating as a heteroflexible couple can be very problematic — especially in polyamorous context.

In some forms of CNM like swinging or fleeting interactions in sex clubs, it is fine to assume that sexual interaction is a momentary adventure for everyone. In others, especially polyamorous spaces where the emphasis is on relationships, viewing someone as an experience is rude and unethical. Couples who want to date as a unit have earned a terrible reputation in polyamorous communities as unicorn hunters who pollute poly scenes with heterocentrism and couple's privilege.

This first post in a series of two explores the foibles of unicorn hunting, and the second post explains how heteroflexible couples who want to date women can improve their chances of finding a woman to date, and how to treat her right once they find her. While not all heteroflexible couples who want to date women are unicorn hunters, those couples who fit the stereotype share some common characteristics. Not only are they female-male couples who want to date a bi woman, but they also want her to be exclusive with them and have no other partners besides the couple.

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A special brand of unicorn hunters is looking for a sister-wife who will love them both equally, help raise their kids, clean the house, be willing to disappear for a while when it would be in inconvenient to explain who she is, and eager to move to their farm in North Dakota to milk goats. With threesomes being such a popular fantasy, why is it so difficult to fulfill? For one thing, there are far more couples looking for women to hook up with than there are women looking for couples; the ratio is skewed from the beginning. Also, unicorn hunters have a terrible reputation, some people avoid them.

Even when couples find the rare woman who wants to hook up with them, the reality of the interaction does not always live up to the fantasy. Few Unattached Women. Many of the women in CNM scenes already have at least one partner, so there are not that many truly unattached women available for dating. Even fewer of these single women want to deal with dating two people who are already a couple. These women are, however, few and far between so they can be difficult to find.

Hunters can be obnoxious. Some unicorn hunting couples have a one penis policy in which they only want to have sex with other women but are not interested in having another man them. It also casts women as less threatening than it would be to bring in another man because women are a sexual novelty, not a "real" relationship partner. Another reason that few women want to date couples is that some couples have a bad reputation for mistreating their dates.

On the upside, only rarely is this mistreatment physically violent. On the downside, this maltreatment can be incredibly manipulative and emotionally damaging for the people on the receiving end. Some couples in CNM environments deploy what polyamorists call couples privilege, the attitude that the couple is the truly important element of the relationship, and should be protected at all costs. It is also difficult to find a single woman at swing events because most people attend as a couple. Disappointing threesomes. Some couples who have found a woman who wants to have sex with them end up realizing that the experience was not as exciting, satisfying, and magical as their fantasies about it.

Sex with three people at the same time can be weird or awkward, especially for people who are new to group sex and unsure of how to go about it. In such cases, one person often ends up on the margins while the other two are deeply engaged. Unless they have a strong voyeuristic tendency, women who are not really that attracted to each other might not be interested in waiting around while the dude focuses on the other woman. When women are very attracted to each other, the man might be left on the margins feeling ignored.

This post has introduced couples looking for a threesome with a woman and explained why unicorn hunting is mostly unsuccessful. The next post in this series explains how couples who want to date a woman can be more attractive to her and treat her in a way that she wants to see them again. Sheff, Elisabeth. Elisabeth Sheff, Ph. Worry is driven by mood, not logic. Anxiety holds your deepest yearnings. And you can subdue it for good. Three experts turn everything you know about anxiety inside out. Elisabeth A.

Sheff Ph. Key points Some polyamorous couples seek bisexual or heteroflexible women for encounters. Such women are so hard to find, they are known as "unicorns. Women may be turned off by couples that treat them as secondary partners or prioritize the male partner's pleasure. References Sheff, Elisabeth. About the Author.

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